Seriously. No dramatics. I literally almost died last night.

We had just gotten done eating dinner and Dad let us all out of our crates. As usual, I went over to the outside of Molly’s crate to scrounge for the pieces of kibble she always throws on the floor.

I should have known better by now. She’s insane about HER crate.

Next thing I know, I’m pinned down on the floor screaming and fighting for my life. Luckily, Dad was a few feet away and got her off of me before she got my throat.


She split my eyebrow/side of my eye open. I don’t need stitches but it hurts. A lot.

I was very sad all night.



Molly was too. She was in her crate for a long time but Mom and Dad let her out and you could tell she was ashamed.


Mom and Dad said if it ever happens again, or comes close to happening again, Molly won’t be allowed to live her anymore. It makes them both very sad but they agree that our safety is the number one priority.

See, Molly has been extra grumbly lately. We don’t know why. Now, Mom and Dad are really monitoring her behavior. If it continues to stay like it is or get worse, she will leave our family.

We don’t know Molly’s past. We don’t know why she is the way she is. We have ideas but no certain facts. Clearly, she was abused. But I’m a good little brother and I don’t deserve to take the hurt of her past.

This morning, I woke up shaking. Mom and Dad don’t know if I’m in pain or if I had bad dreams. It’s not that I’m scared of Molly. I’ll walk right next to her, although I’d prefer not to right now.

Anywho, if anyone has suggestions for Molly’s behavior and how to fix it, that would be great. We don’t want to lose her as part of the family but we also don’t want to always worry about her hurting one of us.

Talk to you later, friends.


About noodle4president

I was a discarded, lost little stray without a house or a family...until my mom found me. Now, I am the happiest, most loved dog in the whole world!

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  1. Nooo! I’m so sad to hear about this incident! I’m sorry, Noodle. 😦 But I also worry about Molly…I’m sure there’s a reason behind her behavior as I believe the last thing she wants is to hurt her family. I really hope nothing happens in the future as I would be super sad if she has to leave. 😦

    Sending you all hugs and warm thoughts today,
    Puppy and Samantha

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  2. colinandray says:

    You must try and get a handle on that kind of behavior, which may involve a dog behaviorist. It could be simple food guarding, or it could be something totally different. Regardless, you cannot address a problem which is not clearly defined. You may need to invite a professional into your home to watch Molly’s body language. What is her tail doing? Where is her focus? What is he overall body stance? Did she warn (growl)?

    Ray has been aggressive, but it was always as a deterrent in that he never closed his jaws … but still had to be addressed. He never used to warn of any action on his part until he had been here about 6 months or so. I was so pleased when he growled at me!

    My main thought with you guys is do not try to resolve this without professional help. All the best. Colin.

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  3. Oh, Noodle-buddy. I am so sorry about that almost-catastrophe. You’re such a little trooper, hanging in there with your sister’s behavior. A dog that looked like Molly bit my neck once because she ran away from her Mom. She came up behind us out of nowhere and jumped on me and bit me and wouldn’t let go. Her mom and my mom got us apart and then I needed surgery. Mom has no advice, but we kind of agree with your mom. Once more would be a deal breaker. We will hope it never happens and that if it does someone is there to rescue you again. I hope we’re not all crazy giving her one more chance, but I get how tough it is to make that decision. Good luck, buddy.

    Love and licks,

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  4. Oh Noodle…..I’m so sorry – and I know this makes all of you very sad but my goodness it could have been SO much worse! That cut looks nasty – are you sure you don’t need to see Mr. Vet Guy? Anyway, poor Molly loves all of you obviously but can’t help herself for some unknown reason – still that’s dangerous so I’m glad your Mom and Dad will keep a close eye on her. I’m also glad you’re giving her more chances…….you’re a good guy – just be careful OK?

    Love, Sammy

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  5. Three Pups and a Couple of Kitties says:

    Noodle, I’m so sorry, that looks like it hurts.
    I know how much you all love Molly but I understand the seriousness of a unpredictable grumbly pup. You do have to be on guard and watchful as you guys are being. I agree that it would be a good idea to talk to a trainer that specializes in behavior. I have a friend, who is our trainer, she also specializes in behavior issues and can ask if she knows of someone in your area if you would like.
    I wonder also if Molly is more grumbly because she isn’t feeling good or something hurts?
    I will be praying for all of you as you continue to figure out what is going on.
    Hugs and gentle cuddles.

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  6. Grandma says:

    Oh my sweet lil Noodle…..I am very upset by what your older sister did to you. Your mom will watch that cut and take you to the vet if need be. That means if it gets ugly. Has Molly tried to apologize to you today? I hope it doesn’t hurt too much and she never does that again. I love you sooooo much. Grandma ❤

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  7. cocoabean2225 says:

    I am so sad to hear about what happened. That you got hurt and that Molly is extra grumbly. I wish I had an idea of what to do but we only have Cocoa Bean so I don’t know how to monitor multiple pups. I will be sending all kinds of good vibes and prayers to you all!!

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  8. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about this 😦 I suggest a visit to the vet for Molly – sometimes dogs are hurting and exhibit that through their grumbling and tussles (at least, that’s what I read after Sammie’s “incident”). I hope you get it all figured out and that you can keep your family together.

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  9. Princess Leah says:

    Dearest Noodle I am sending you the biggest hug and healing licky kiss.
    We’re not much help here ‘cos the peeps haf always had really stupid soppy pups….like ME!!! But is it worth talking or seeing a pet psychologist? I nose that haf helped friends wiv their dog and their separation anxiety issues. The one at our surgery is supposed to be very good and Mum keeps threatening to send me about my puppicino addiction!
    Take care
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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  10. Frankie and Ernie says:

    AWWWWW Noodle we are so sorry that happened. We know Molly is TOO.
    We hope that some of the suggestions work fur her so she does NOT have to leave your home… and YOU…

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  11. Laura says:

    I’m really sorry to hear that happened, I agree with others to check with a vet and a behaviourist (make sure they use positive methods) but since you said it happened around the crate and you made it sound like she possibly guards her crate in general in the meantime you could put a pen around her crate so that Noodle can’t go right up to her crate and she might feel more comfortable and like she doesn’t have to defend it. Hope Noodle gets better soon and everything works out for yous, I can’t imagine how tough it is to be in this situation.

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  12. gahlearner says:

    I’m so sorry, Noodle. I wouldn’t wait for a second time for this to happen, but get outside help right now. I’ve watched twice now with dogs from shelters how their behaviour changes once they settle in and feel more secure. In the beginning they both were subdued, obedient, not daring to be themselves. After a while, they became rebellious, tried things out–then things settled down. Of course different characters caused different results. There is so much going on in these guys, things we can guess at and others we can’t possibly know. Experienced behaviourists would have a much better idea of what could be going on. Vet checking her out certainly is a good idea, too.
    Maia had our cat at the neck twice (no blood, but fur flying), which scared me (because she can shake or bite a rabbit dead in an instance) and I never leave them alone together, there’s always a closed door between them when we can’t be in the house with them. It got better, but I still don’t trust Maia, she has too many issues and is very jealous. Maia got a lot friendlier and more trusting over time, but there still is a lot to do. Molly may feel similarly mixed up between being loved, trying out her place in the group, and trying to defend what’s hers. With an exuberant pup like Macy and a small boy (in stature only 🙂 ) like Noodle I think these problems would multiply.
    It would be heartbreaking to see Molly go somewhere else… but safety of Noodle et al. comes first, and Molly wouldn’t be any happier if something seriously happened.

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  13. stella rose says:

    Noodles, we are so very sorry you were hurt. That looks like it causes you some pain, and I imagine some anxiety. Well, we want to tell you about our house. See all three of us came right out of the cages of a puppy mill. Me, and Gussie came from the same one, and Maggie came from another. I (stella rose) have always been food aggressive, even though I have lived wif my momma now almost 6 years, it is a trauma I have never gotten over, so Mom always feeds me out on the porch away from mags and gussie. BUT if she puts me behind a gate, or a crate, and there is food around I tend to go all Tasmanian devil on anyone who is around, dog or human. Mom believes again, it is trauma and anxiety based. Also, if we get treats, everyone has to go to their own places, away from each other so no fight breaks out. The problem at our home, is Maggie also is very very protective of gussie cos they were babies together, and jealous of me (stella) having a loving relationship wif him, afterall we share the same mom, so sometimes if gussie and I are just playing around, Maggie always jumps in and tries to fight me, many times mom and dad have to pull us apart. So far no blood shed, but it puts a lot of anxiety out in the air for awhile. Then we calm down, and all lay down together. Mom worries about me because of my lack of sight, and Maggies bully disposition, she and dad always monitor us. We also think it is because we are both girls, that is what gussie’s trainer told us. We hope your problems get better, and you figure out a way you can all live together. Hugs Stella Rose

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  14. Daisy C Chan says:

    Aw noodle! I’m sorry that you got hurt. I’m sure Molly feels really badly. Maybe consulting with a trainer or a behaviorist would be helpful.

    Hunter and I are sending you lots of love.

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  15. OMD OMD OMD! My precious Noodle. I don’t know where to start. First, I love your Dad. If it hadn’t been for him… He is my hero. Second, that is a nasty bite. I know your Mom will watch it closely to be sure it doesn’t get infected. If she got you some antibiotics she could put it in cheese. Mmmmm, cheese. My poor sweetie. 😦

    I wonder if Molly is having a medical issue, especially if she has been acting this way for a while. Please, please, please stay away from Molly unless your Mom or Dad are right there to protect you.

    When we first had Riley he growled and showed his teeth at me. Mommy took his face gently in her hands and in a quiet voice said, “If you ever so much as hurt my baby – Lexi – I will kill you with my bare hands.” We could see the fear appear in his eyes. Every time after that if he even so much as made an ugly face at me and then saw Mom watching him, he would duck his head down like “I didn’t mean it.”

    Do you want me to come and get you? Or have my Mom talk to Molly? Anyhow, stick close to your Dad and try not to do anything to upset Molly.
    ❤ Love, Lexi

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  16. Poor Noodle! And poor Molly! I agree with Colin. A pet behaviorist will be able to help you understand Molly’s reactions and how to address them. I consulted one with Miss D and it made all the difference

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  17. DZ Dogs says:

    Colinandray is right, Molly isn’t doing this “out of the blue” something is going on. She could be in pain, could be going through a hormonal imbalance, could be doggy Alzheimer’s and she just forgets.
    But the behavior needs to be addressed, if you can afford to talk to a behaviorist in your area it would be a really good idea.

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  18. Nylabluesmum says:

    Sweet Noodle we have sad hearts tonite reading about what happened to you! There is of course a reason why Molly did this but at the (almost) expense of your life I agree with your Mum & Dad that Molly might have to be rehomed. Please know Siddhartha Henry & I love & adore you & we send healing white light to you!
    Samantha & Greg I am sorry for both of you. I KNOW how much Molly means to both of you. I am glad you took her in for testing to rule out any physical problem. I do not have any experience with dogs that snap like that. I have had friends with dogs with that problem & it never ended well. So my suggestion is to make sure Noodle & Macy have one of you with them when Molly is around. And I think Molly should be kept separate from the other dogs & Jamieson if you are both out of the house. Sending you (((hugs))) an lots of love & understanding….
    Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry 😦 😦

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  19. Murphy & Stanley says:

    That sounds very scary! We hope your pawrents can get to the bottom of it and keep you safe!!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

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  20. The Admiral says:

    That does look like it hurts a lot – pretty nasty cut. Really sorry to hear Molly isn’t as perfect as she seemed.

    I worried about the same thing when I introduced River into my family – I continue to worry every time I introduce her other dogs, cats and even kids. Knowing nothing about her life before, it is hard to know what she might do.

    Molly is the same way I’m sure. But before completely giving up, I’ll suggest, as others have, getting her checked out by a vet to make sure she doesn’t have anything physically wrong – dogs not feeling well can be aggressive. And if all is good, seeking help from someone who can read her body language and behavior a bit more is also a good suggestion. Anytime a dog shows aggression means there is a lot of work ahead, so I encourage you guys to try, but I do understand you have to do what is best for Noodle, Macy, Samantha and Greg – not just Molly, so it might not be possible.

    Hugs to you all, and Noodle – you keep an eye on that cut so it heals quickly.

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  21. corkscot says:

    We are so sorry to hear of your night. Some dogs are meant to be the only dog in the house. You were there first and you tell your parents that you are the first priority. Stay away from her bowl and make sure everything is cleared before she is let out of her crate. Feel better soon!

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  22. nordhuesn says:

    Molly needs the Dog Whisperer. She is acting out for a reason and needs help. We are so fearful for you and her. It’s a blessing your parents are being vigilant, but please do not be around her alone. We will say some prawers for all of you.

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  23. maggie0019 says:

    I saw the update. I just want to lick your boo boo right now.

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  24. Me says:

    How long have you had Molly for? I know with a lot of rescue dogs they will be on best behaviour for anywhere between a few weeks to a few months after joining a home, and then their ‘real’ personality begins to emerge, complete with quirks and behavioural issues. It took a few months for all of Kasper’s issues to become visible. I know it doesn’t help, but it could be another explanation of Molly is cleared medically.

    I’m so sorry Noodle got hurt. Give love to all your pups from us here xxx

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    • We have had Molly for almost 3 months now. She’s gotten increasingly worse with every passing day but the last week has been mind blowing. I just want it to all be explained medically so that she can be treated and stay. Thank you, Scarlett ❤


  25. It sounds like Molly needs a one pet family. Some pets are happier on their own. It would cost a fair bit of money to have Molly counselled or a pet behaviourist. Noodle was there first and should be able to stay….Molly needs some guidance and help.


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  26. hello noodle its dennis the vizsla dog hay i told my mama abowt this and she sugjested reeding jean donaldsons buk mine wot is avaylabul frum amazon at and elsware she sez she bawt this buk a long time ago wen i first kaym to liv in the howse and i had this ideea that i wood maybe gard toys and mama frum tucker and of korse that wuznt going to fly!!! she also sugjested joyning the reactive dog group on teh facebuk at their is a facebuk group avaylabul from their!!! gud luck we ar sending yoo lots of tail wags!!! ok bye

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  27. […] previous attacks, these are just surface wounds. In the past, there have been deep wounds. Like my eye, […]


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