Hellllooooooo my beautiful friends!

Apologies for my long absence but Mom has been all sorts of busy and unable to help me blog until now.

Our never-ending chaos is just that – never-ending!

Macy has taken on a new role of security (aka spy). New neighbors moved in and she has to let us know their every move.


Molly, who was good for about 2 weeks, has gotten out of control with her growlies and biting. She attacked Macy twice between Thursday and Friday, and got me on Sunday. The fights between Macy and Molly are getting scarier because Macy’s not backing down anymore.

Lucky for Macy and me, Molly can’t do severe physical damage like she used to now that her 2 bottom canines are gone. Emotional damage/damage to our pride is a different story.

Here’s what Macy looked like after Round 1:


Unlike previous attacks, these are just surface wounds. In the past, there have been deep wounds. Like my eye, remember?

As much as Mom hates the idea, she wants to take Molly back to the no-kill shelter. Dad refuses. Mom says he’s waiting for Molly to kill one of us. He says he won’t do that to her. It’s an ongoing battle.

Dad’s nephew is here and he’s in love with Molly and Molly him. Unfortunately, that’s making Molly extra growly at Macy and me. She’s always laying on him and we can’t get within 2 feet without her going bonkers.

The whole weekend wasn’t a bust, though.

On Friday, Dad’s friend came over to cut down a tree that had rotted. The girls and I got to be loggers for the day:


“Being tall is awesome, Mom!”


“Does this tree have any rats?”


“Ummm, what do I do now?”

It was very hard work and we were exhausted after:


While we were all sleeping, Jamison crept out of the office to spend some time with Mom:

On Sunday, we all went outside to soak up the beautiful sunshine. It was perfect weather – upper 60s, a perfect breeze, and no clouds!


I sat on Mom to get my tan on.


Oh, look at this beautiful flower I found growing in my yard:


I heard Dad telling Mom that it’s called spiderwort and he has NO idea how it got into the middle of our property. Mom thinks a bird pooped out a seed. BOL! If that were the case, I’d be pooping out green bean plants everywhere.

Anywho, that’s all I have for today.  Hope you all have a Happy Tuesday!


About noodle4president

I was a discarded, lost little stray without a house or a family...until my mom found me. Now, I am the happiest, most loved dog in the whole world!

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  1. I hope so much that peace comes to your house… was there any feedback on your facebook post for Molly? I wish I had an idea or a solution, but I sadly can only hope with you …. hugs to you all and some quiet time without growling and sad moments…

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  2. stella rose says:

    OH MY CAT that Jamison looks just like our WIENIE.
    stella rose

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  3. speedyrabbit says:

    Hmmm maybe it’s time to try a different tack with all 3 of you and start from the beginning with training and discipline,like teaching you all to walk together on leads and all the basics because it looks like Molly is trying to be the pack leader but Macy has decide she is not having that which is why she is not backing down and Noodle you’re not really sure what your place is among the three of you.So maybe its time for the humans to start thinking more like dogs and become the pack leaders so when Molly tries be agressive a firm no with a nudge to distract her and the same with all of you when you start behaviour that is likely to get out of control or too hyper use the same tack.in Packs the Alpha’s grab the pack member to reprimand it when it steps out of line,so using the nudge and the firm no should show the same thing,but remember as Humans we often show our emotions like fear and being tense and nervous which the pups pick up on and this creates tension amongst the pups.They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…but I don’t believe that.but that’s what I would do go back to basics with basic dog training for all three and treat them all the same but most of all relax and be confident in your selves as the human pack leaders who are in charge without fear of what might happen…because you can do this and create a calm home for all 3.Love to you all,xx Rachel and Speedy

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    • That’s excellent advice. Mom is going to speak to Dad about it because it’s definitely a job for two! Thank you for the suggestions.

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    • DZ Dog Mom says:

      Ok, first off this is not good advice.
      Here is an article by famous dog trainer Victoria Stillwell – https://positively.com/dog-training/myths-truths/the-truth-about-dominance/

      Dominance theories have long been disproved, something I talk about on my blog.
      If you grab and punish a dog for acting out – you are reinforcing their dislike towards the object they were going after. For example – punishing Molly for attacking Noodle = associating Noodle with bad things and hating him more.
      However what you can do is remove her from the situation. Molly attacks Noodle = removal from the family unit. What you are doing is teaching her that it is inappropriate behavior and she does not associate it with punishment or Noodle.

      Molly being good around Noodle = treats/fun stuff means she will associate Noodle with good things. It could help with her behavior.

      Pack walks are a good idea if all 3 dogs are under control, one on one formal training walks are a great way to start. Always start with some exercise first though so that the dogs are nice and relaxed on the walk.

      If you are stressed the dogs will react to it, for example if you are tense the dogs don’t know why they just feel the stress. So you need to be relaxed and yet under control. Use treats to re-direct the attention, if Molly is giving sideways glances at Noodle or Macy call her, “Molly” give a treat. If she attacks send her away, but don’t be angry.

      One thing to think about, this is an unhealthy situation for all the dogs involved. Macy can learn some bad behaviors and develop dog reactivity if she keeps getting attacked. And someone can be seriously hurt.

      It would be a good idea to consider rehoming/finding a rescue or foster home, for Molly or maybe sending her back to the shelter if that’s your last option. It’s not fair to her to be surrounded by things that she finds stressful. Something is triggering her to attack, maybe she isn’t comfortable, maybe she finds the other dogs annoying. It’s hard to tell without being there. But putting the whole family at risk is not fair to anyone. Molly might just be happier as an only dog. 😦

      I’m sorry you are having to deal with this. Please email me if you want to chat i’d be happy to help out if you want some advice on how to proceed. I’ve successfully dealt with dog reactivity, fostered dogs, and worked with my local pibble rescues.

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  4. Oh, Noodle, honey. Please be careful with Molly. You are a big dog in a little body that can get hurt real bad. She just missed Macy’s eye! On a brighter note, you sure look like you enjoyed helping with the tree cutting. Has Macy given you any good scoops on the new neighbors? Has Jamison lost weight? He looks thinner.
    Oh, and Mommy’s forgiven me for being so bad first thing this morning, but I still feel depressed. 😦 Your best girl, Lexi

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  5. Noodle, it sounds like you’ve had a lot of fun over the weekend! But I’m sorry about Macy. Sometimes, I think Sammie gets grumpy because she just wants some one on one time. Can you rotate when they’re out so Macy can get that? We hope they figure it out without anyone killing anyone else!

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  6. Oh Noodle I’m so sorry about Molly but this is truly a scary situation and ALL of you need a solution that you can live with – i’m sure if Molly was an only dog she’d be fine with someone but in your family, it’s just a matter of time I’m afraid before something bad happens. I hate to say that too because I think we all had high hopes like you did that Molly would fit in…..but she wants to be top and only dog…..somewhere there’s the perfect situation for her though – your Dad’s nephew? Someone else he knows? We have paws crossed for all of you including Molly…….

    Love, Sammy

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  7. Sorry to hear that the troubles continue, but I will hope for everyone that the nephew can take Molly – that sounds like it would be great for everyone!

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  8. Me says:

    Aw man, I’m so sorry to read you’re struggling with Molly still 😦

    Unfortunately I’m with your mum on this and I’d be trying to find Molly a new home – I’d be worried that the stress of living with Molly, and of course the stress of the actual fights, would have a permanent effect on my other two dogs. And now that Macy has started fighting back, that’s an added concern I guess…what a really, really sucky situation…

    I don’t remember, do you know what triggers Molly’s growling? It sounds like she gets jealous and resource guards when she thinks the other dogs are going to ‘steal’ the attention she’s getting? Aw man, I hope you get some good luck your way, and maybe Molly can stumble across a wonderful only dog home…

    Also we do crate and rotate with Kasper & Rey – because we lost several months of Rey’s puppyhood due to Zoey’s issues, we had to stop introductions between the dogs, and by the time Zoey was rehomed Raiden was 6 months old and we’d never introduced Kasper to him. We still keep them separate, but for us it’s really easy as after a few hours out Raiden gets tired and the only place he sleeps is his crate haha! We’re hoping to start intros soon though, once I’m feeling better, possibly by having each dog on the opposite side of a baby gate so they can see and get used to each other.

    Kasper’s a grump with bouncy dogs; he’s forgiving on puppies (which is why we wanted to intro them when Rey was a baby) but I have no idea how he’ll do with an adolescent dog…we’ll have to see, but at least I know we can cope easily with crate and rotate.

    Dogs eh?!

    Sorry, stole your blog a little AND wrote you an essay 🙂

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    • We love essays when they’re from people we love and people who have important things to say! Yes, Molly is jealous and resource guards. All of us are starting to have very bad behavior and she’s scared it’s permanent. Mine is because of Macy, though, not Molly. We had no idea that Kasper and Raiden don’t know each other! That’s crazy. The good news is that you have worked hard training them individually so, hopefully, they will listen to you instead of being wild children when they meet!

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      • Me says:


        I know when Zoey was struggling it meant everybody in our household was stressed too…not only did Zoey’s behaviour change drastically but Kasper got super clingy and easily upset too. When we found Zoey a new home she bounced back and turned into a happy goofball again, and Kasper is happier now than he has been in a long time, so hopefully once your situation evens out you’ll get your grin back too Noodle 🙂

        Yep! We’ve were meant to start intro work as soon as Zoey found her new home in January, but I’ve been so unwell it never really happened. We do want to start it soon, but because crate and rotate hasn’t ever been an issue we keep saying “we’ll start when you’re better”!

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  9. corkscot says:

    It sounds like Molly should be in a one dog home. We hate to read about damage to our friends. It is so easy to get hurt when they are playing around. Look at poor Shelby. It was a friendly game of tug.
    I own the lot next door to my house. It is over .29 acres. Birds have pooped so many trees and plants on the property. It is just amazing. I haven’t spent a penny to put vegetation on the property. I’ve owned it since 1986.

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  10. cocoabean2225 says:

    Noodle, I am so sorry that Molly is being growly and fighting with you and Macy. We are sending prayers to all of you that there is a good thing to do for all of you so everyone is happy. It sounds like you did make it a good weekend.

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  11. maggie0019 says:

    I loved the pictures. But I’m very, very, sorry about Molly. However, remember that when you signed the adoption papers, you agreed if there were problems, you would return Molly to the shelter. (Maybe Dad needs to remember that) – ? I don’t blame Macy for not wanting to back down, she was there first. I have a soft spot for Molly tho, being an elderbull. I do hope you can find a solution. Paws crossed. Woof!

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  12. nordhuesn says:

    We wish everyone well in this difficult situation. We agree with the training suggestions. Perhaps a visit from the dog whispered is in order.

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  13. Are you all betters again now Noodle?
    Gosh you lot nose how to work, rest and play hard don’t yous!
    Happy napping dear fella
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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  14. Lovely photos, Noodles! Macy certainly looks like a bona fide guard…just like those outside the Buckingham Palace! No Joke! And puppydoc is sad to hear about Molly…she hopes everything will work itself out. Sending big hugs and licks your way! 🙂

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  15. Piglove says:

    Battles and scars. We have somewhat battles here too my friend. It happens. Mom/dad try to be patient. But what can I say with 1 pig, 1 dog, 2 purr things and a daddy in the house. Things happen. We just hope and pray the collateral damage stays to a minimum – love ya! XOXO – Bacon

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  16. Nylabluesmum says:

    Mee-you it iss sunny an flowerss growin there Noodle mee Moodle???? It iss snowin an freezin here AGAIN!!!!
    An thee hole deebach-ell with poor deer Molly iss not good. An yur Pappaw needs to reememburr hee DID say if Molly did this shee wood go back to Shelter an it ISS No-Kill so shee will bee safe an so will all of you.
    Noodle are you OK? Macy? Oh mee Buudha Kat mee iss berry worried fur ALL of youss’!! An wee iss trulee sad 😦 😦
    Sendin POTP to you an Macy an purrayerss fur Molly doggie…..
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ an **ear licksss** Siddhartha Henry Penry xxxxxxxxxx

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  17. So sorry the conflicts continue. Sweet goofy Macy and her ears-love that photo of her on the end table. I wonder if you can get HBO on those ‘rabbit ears.’ Hang in there Noodle, hopefully the pawfect rescue for Molly will arrive soon. ღ

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  18. As we’ve said before, be very careful little Noodle. We are full of concern for your situation.

    Oh, those blue flowers are called tradescantia.

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