Mama Say What?!

“Noodle, you’re getting a bath!”

Fast forward 2 days…

“Noodle, you’re getting a bath!”

Fast forward 1 day…

“Noodle, you’re getting a bath!”

Fast forward 1 day…

“Noodle, you’re getting a bath!”

No, friends, these weren’t idle threats. I actually got a bath every one of those times PLUS 2 more since then. 6 baths in 9 days.

Question from the audience: “Why have you had so many baths, Noodle?”

Honestly, I see no reason for all of these baths. Mom, however, says it’s because I can’t put 2 and 2 together. Does anyone even understand what that means?

Mom: *Ahem* “Noodle, shall I show you and your friends what I mean by putting 2 and 2 together?”



I don’t see anything. What am I missing?

Mom: “You, sir, were FILTHY! Just as you have been every single day. You are supposed to be black and white, not gray and white!”

Says who? I think I look quite charming in the picture on the right🙂

Mom: “Well, if you want to be like that then I guess I will just have to share another picture with your friends…”

What are you talking about?

Mom: *giggles*



MOM! You traitor!

Mom: “You wanted to play ‘dirty’…”

I didn’t want to lay like that. She was squishing me and I was just too tired to fight back.

Mom: “Don’t worry, baby. I have a silly picture of Molly, too.”



BOL! She looks like a bunny.

Anywho, back to this whole “2 and 2” thing. I still don’t get it. Anyone have any idea what my Mom’s talking about?

More Breaking News!

When Mom ordered the Wisdom Panel DNA Test Kits, she also ordered (2) Avian DNA Sexing Kits from

Cheney, is a cockatiel and cockatiels are sexually dimorphic – males and females are visually different. We know for a fact that Cheney is a boy. See his bright yellow head and bright orange cheeks? Both signs of a boy!


The reason we needed the (2) tests is that Paco & Conrad – our resident Green-Cheek Conures – are a type of parrot that show no visual difference between males and females (aka monomorphic). Most parrots are monomorphic.

paco, conrad

Because we didn’t know for sure that they were boys it was driving Mom crazy. Mom was conflicted because, generally, parrots are more “friendly” towards the opposite sex AND if Paco and Conrad were females, they should be laying eggs by now. Even though we have only had them for a year, the person who had them before us had them for 2 & 5 years respectively.

Well, the test results came back and….it’s a shocker!


Luckily, Mom mostly calls Paco, Pocky to begin with because she certainly can’t be Paco anymore. Conrad is going to have to become Connie. BOL!

Wait a second…this means more sisters! OH NO!!!!

Breaking News! (2 newses)

Hi, friends. Your favorite Jack-a-Doodle here! (No. That’s weird.)

Hi, friends! Your favorite schnauzer here! (I am schnauzer, hear me aroooooooooooo!)


I’m sure you ALL have been wondering if I passed my test for Intermediate Class. Wellllll, I DID! Mom says it was by the skin of my teeth but all I say is: I PASSED!


Hey, it looks like my mustache grew back a little already! Thank GOODNESS!

Yesterday I was having what mom called an “epic ear day”. That means they were randomly standing up and sticking out.


My 2nd breaking news is that today is Molly’s Gotcha Day making her 7 years old!

She got a feast of treats tonight after dinner.


Then she did a blooper photo shoot.


OMD! The picture on the left. BOL! ROFL! I’m dying over here!!!!

Happy 7th Birthday/Gotcha Day, Molly Girl!


The Horrors!

Friends, my life has been turned upside down. 

First, some stupid company tries to tell me I’m not a schnauzer. How dare they!

Then, today was grooming day. You want to guess what Mom did to me? Mom shaved my mustache off! My schnauzer mustache is gone! I look so….so… not like a schnauzer! 

I kind of look like…a Jack Russell. *Gasp*

Tomorrow is my test for intermediate obedience class. How can I possibly concentrate on a test when my magical schnauzer mustache has been stolen?!

If you’re wondering how Macy is handling the results from her test and my lack of schnauzer-stache, well… she’s completely unimpressed.

The Results Are In! Noodle is a …




Our DNA results came back and mine are shocking!


I am NOT a schnoodle. I am not even SCHNAUZER! Oh, my heart. I AM a designer breed, though. Get ready for this…

I, Noodle the Schnoodle, am a…..

(wait for it…)

(wait for it…)

JACK-A-POO aka Jack-A-Doodle?!?!?!

WHAT THE %^&# ?!

I am a Jack Russell Terrier (75%) & Mini-Poodle(25%).


So Mom WAS right about the Jack Russell but I am not a Schnauzer😥

*sigh* Noodle the Jack-A-Doodle…that’s going to take some getting used to. To see my  full report, check it out HERE

As for Doofus Macy, her results areeeeee:

American Staffordshire Terrier (75%) x Unknown mix (25%)

Check out her tree:


Seems one of Macy’s grandmas or grandpas had a whoops moment! The DNA test gives you some suggestions based on the gene code of what the mixed breeds may be. You can check out Macy’s whole report HERE.

My mind is blown. On many accounts.

I think I need one of Ruby’s margaritas…


I Need a Tutor!

As most of you know, I passed Basic Obedience class by a hair! You would THINK that Mom would take that as a sign that she needed to work harder and more consistently with me in Intermediate. Has she? Noooooooooooooooo!

Yesterday was my worst day of school yet. I refused to listen to 90% of her commands. Not only that but because there’s minimal shade where we practice, Miss Terah put a misting system on the floor to keep the pavement cool. Well, you know what that means – wet, wet, wet. EVERYWHERE!

They actually expected me to SIT and LAY DOWN on that wet yuckiness. UGH!


Note how Mom kindly found me a dry spot.

I even gave Miss Terah a hard time today when Mom told her I wasn’t listening.


That’s me in the back wiggling on my back instead of laying in a perfect “down”. Miss Terah says it’s just my personality to lay on my back and to be silly. See how I made Mom go to one of the few dry spots again? See how I still needed Miss Terah’s intervention?? See the death stare Mom was giving me????

One thing I am mastering is “heel”. Mom can now drape my leash around her neck and I will walk right by her side even when she side-steps and turns.


Oh, if you’re wondering about that rake, it’s there on purpose. It’s a “distraction”. When Miss Terah first brought it out, we were put into a sit-stay and she was dragging it. I got up when she dragged it near me. I mean, do you see the size of that thing?! And the noise it made. OMD! Terrible.

Here’s a list of what I’m supposed to be able to do and whether I do it or not:

-Heel: √

-Automatic sit: This is when you’re in motion during heel and your Mom stops walking, you should sit automatically. I used to do this all the time. Now, I only sometimes do this.

-Right and left turn without guidance (without pulling leash): I’m still working on doing this without guidance but I did a lot better at it today.

-Right and Left 360 turn: With guidance, I’m okay. I still trip Mom up a little bit.

-Side-step to the right: √ I’m a side-stepping MASTER!

-Reverse heel: Ummm, we might be doing this but Mom says she doesn’t recall BOL!

-Down without help from front or side: I do good from side most of the time but I’m really bad from the front. Mom usually has to help (foot on leash) or threaten to help.

-Sit from down without help: Negative. I need help 99% of the time.

-Stand-Stay for 3 seconds at end of leash and go around: This is where I have to stay still and then when Mom comes back to me, she has to walk around (behind) me and then back to starting position. I’m usually good about this.

-1 minute Sit-Stay: This one really tests me but I can pull it off if I have to.

  • Also with go around: 95% of the time

-3 minute Down-Stay: This is the one that will flunk me. Mom’s lucky if I do 30 seconds.

  • Also with go around: Well, I’ve never made it past 30 seconds but when Mom’s practiced go arounds with the shorter down-stay, I’m pretty awful at it.

-Come: At training, I’m a pro. In real life, I still pretend I can’t hear Mom.

– Finish: This is for when I’m in front of Mom or anywhere not near her side (starting position). I have to either go around her from the right side and sit on her left side or go towards her left and spin in a circle until I’m facing forward and sit. I still need assistance on this one but I’m getting good at it.

Graduation is in 3 weeks. OMD! I have SO much work to do!!!


I’ve Been Swabbed!

Happy Saturday evening, friends, and happy October!

When I wrote earlier this week, I said it was going to be 5-10 days before the Wisdom Panel 4.0 DNA kits arrived but guess what?! They got here on Thursday!

We all thought the swab was going to be a Q-tip but we were all wrong! It’s a bristly Scrubby McScrubberson thing that you roll between the cheek and gum line for a whole 15 seconds!! Mom had to wrestle both of us to get it done.

Macy tried to eat hers:


Each kit came with 2 swabbies for ultra-DNA collection assurance.


Molly was SO happy she didn’t have to get swabbed.

After we were swab-inated, the swabbers had to “air dry” for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, Mom put them in the super swabby mailer thingy.

Secret: One of my swabinators had a tiny piece of my dinner on it! I guess that’s why they send 2. Oops! 

Friday morning, Mom took the swabbies to the mailbox and put them in for the mail lady to take to the swab analyticalators. Now we wait. Only 2 to 3 more weeks before we know if I’m a Schnoodle, a Schnussel, or maybe even a coyote!

If you haven’t voted yet, make sure you vote on what primary breed you think Macy and I are:

Stay tuned for my post on Obedience School tomorrow!



Noodle the what? (POLL)

Hi, friends!

I have such super exciting news!!!!!

Mom was finally able to order DNA test kits for Macy and me!!!!

After a bit of research and lots of review-reading, she opted for the Wisdom Panel 4.0.


It should be here in about 5-10 days. Then, Mom will swab our cheeks – I don’t know if I should be scared or not – and send the swabs back. 2-3 weeks after that, we’ll get some results.

So, I came up with a fun idea. Let’s do a poll to see what everyone thinks our main results will be. If you don’t know what a certain breed is, click the image and it will take you to a description.


This is soooooooooo exciting!!!


*All pictures credited to

Dog Days of Summer

It may technically be fall but in Florida, it’s still summer. It’s almost always summer here.

All we have been doing is sleeping….


….and snuggling.😯


I got caught! Snuggling with both sisters in less than 12 hours.

I think the heat got to my brain…


Good morning, friends, and happy Saturday!

My new friend, Christmas, over at Paw Province interviewed me for his blog and he’s just posted it. You can see it here!

Sorry for the short post but I’m off school. Talk you later. Enjoy the day!