Happy New Year – a holiday recap

Hi friends! How is everyone? I can’t believe this is my first post of 2020. Mom is finally starting to feel better after being sick for 10 days! She was sick for Christmas Eve and everything!

This morning we sat out back for some fresh, germ-free air.

Molly and I made it through the New Year’s Eve fireworks. We were given lots of trazodone and were still sleepy even on New Year’s day. Mom said it’s the first NYE since 2015 that I didn’t shake like a leaf.

There was a mixup on Christmas. Apparently Santa left the North Pole without the toys he made for us. Look at the note he left:

I can’t believe it! I didn’t even know something like this could happen. And how weird is it that he’ll be in Florida in January?

Anywho, I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a safe New Year’s Eve.

I’ll be in touch soon!

Holiday Madness

Hi Friends! It’s me – Noodle!

We have had SO much going on here.

Like our other friends in the US, we celebrated Thanksgiving last Thursday. Unlike our other friends, Mom’s turkey didn’t cook. Not because she’s a bad cook but because our oven died mid-cooking! Can you even believe it?!?! Luckily my Grandma moved up here in June and she was able to save the day by taking the turkey to her house so it didn’t go to waste.

The day after Thanksgiving, Macy and Molly who have been hanging out together and being BFFs again decided it was time to have a good ol’ bloody fight. Molly started it and Macy finished it. Macy got Molly’s leg and Molly had to get 5 staples!

No worries though. She’s doing fine and wants to play with Macy again. Oh brother….

Amid all of that chaos, Mom’s been busy with her business From Brush to Stone working on custom Christmas ornaments. She had one person order NINE ornaments – one for each of their fur babies.

*Herculese is the correct spelling of the kitty’s name 🙂

You can check out some of her other work at: https://www.facebook.com/FromBrushToStone/

As for me? I’m doing great! It was super cold for FL this morning – 37 degrees! I was running around like a madman. It was making Mom giggle.

Here’s to no more craziness and just holiday cheer!

*ear licks*


I’m being watched!

Happy Halloween

What’s everyone dressing up as this year?

I am the devil, Macy is a witch, and Molly is a unicorn.

Molly’s 10th Birthday

Good morning, friends!

Thursday was 4 years since Mom and Dad rescued Molly-dolly. So we celebrated her 10th “birthday” the way we celebrate all birthdays – with a party!

Do you see that ALL of us – me, Molly, AND Macy – were there?! Usually one of the girls is in the bedroom while the other has free range of the house and they switch back and forth all day long. Macy and Molly spent the last week hanging out together and we have been able to be one big family.

To see more pics of Molly’s party, check out my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/Noodle4President/

We post more to FB than we do on here so if you’re on FB, make sure you follow my page!

Play ball!

Whew! I am beat! *Panting*

I just got done chasing a tiny orange that fell off our orange tree and then doing citrus-induced zoomies. I ran and ran and ran!

Then, Mom and Dad played volleyball/Macy-in-the-middle with Macy and she did zoomies!

Finally, Molly went out and played Protect-the-Yard. She takes her job pretty serious and has no time to “play” when the sun’s all but set. That’s when the critters start to come out and she does her first round of maneuvers for the night.

All is good in our house tonight.

A Huge Adventure

Howdy, friends!

You will never guess what I did…

I spent 10 days at a doggy hotel with my sisters!

None of us had ever been to one before so we were a bit nervous. Mom was a wreck because Molly spent 5 months in the pound and because I’m always so afraid of being dropped off the way I was when she found me. Everyone figured Macy would have a great time because she’s a doofus.

I alternated being kenneled with Macy and Molly. We chose not to play with other dogs because there was just so much stuff to smell and look at on our own.

We’ve been exhausted ever since we got home.

Quality Z’s are being had.

It wasn’t bad but I hope we don’t have to go back anytime soon.

*Ear licks*


It’s my birthday!

Hiiiiiiii friends!

Today is my 8th birthday! Can you even believe it?!

Mom and Grandma (mom’s mom) baked me an allergen-free birthday cake and treats.

It was SO good!

You can see videos of me sharing it with Macy and Molly on my Facebook page here.

Look know shocked I was when I saw my cake:

Mom thinks that’s just the funniest picture.

Here are some better ones (in my opinion):

I am exhausted from partying so hard. Good night, friends!

*Ear licks*

Noodle the birthday boy

We went to the vet today

Hi friends!

I had a a scheduled dental this morning. I’m very woozy from anesthesia. I like standing by this bowl and crying.

Macy had an unscheduled allergy induced gastritis.

They shot her with fluids and turned her into a camel.

Going to nap now!

*Ear licks*

We’re under attack!

Ok, friends. Last time I was here I told you about the intruder. We all thought a 2nd intruder would make things better. Guess what? We were wrong! Now Mom has been walking around with 2 of them!

Meet Marshmallow Peep – he’s the tiny one that hatched 3 days ago. Peep-ette is 12 days old now.

An egg hatched between Peep-ette and Marshmallow Peep, and then after Marshmallow Peep, but both babies didn’t make it.

12 eggs to go *facepaw*

The good news is that I’m on Mom’s lap right now. We took a nap and I woke up trembling. I can’t explain to her what happened but she’s been holding me for about 30 mins now.

I’m out of sorts. That makes Mom worry.

Anywho, I’m gonna go enjoy some alone time with Mom. Be safe this holiday weekend!

*ear licks*