Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome & Other Stuff

Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome (CECS) is the pits. I had another episode yesterday. Whoa! Mom just looked at my old posts on CECS and discovered yesterday’s was 4 years to the day of my 1st one! My very 1st one happened 4/18/2015 – the day after my Khia died .

This time, Mom wasn’t home and it was just me and Dad. Dad didn’t know at the time that it was just the CECS. He was just doing Dad things when he heard me fall out of the recliner. When he got to me, my legs were stick-straight and my head was thrashing. He couldn’t see me breathing and went into panic mode. He called Mom and told her she had to come home right away because I wasn’t breathing and my body was quivering. Mom was 45 minutes away and it was rush-hour. She died ten deaths before calling Dad back 30 seconds later only to hear me panting in the background. Once Dad was able to calm down and explain all the details to Mom, she told him is was just the CECS. They were both obviously very relieved. In those 30 seconds before Mom heard me breathing, it was all she could think about – the anniversary of Khia’s passing the day before and now me dying the next day. Sheesh…..I’m not going anywhere – I can’t leave those two alone with Macy and Molly. They need my little man cuteness. The girls are okay but they don’t have the pizzazz I do.

Today, we had a super bad storm here in FL. Molly and I were both wrecks. Even the calming medicine Mom gave us plenty of time in advance didn’t help. I really wish I could stop being scared. It’s just the beginning of rainy season and I’m already over it.

In other news, after a very long haul for everyone involved, my Grandpa is finally out of rehab after 3 months. He moved into his new apartment at an assisted living last Friday. Do you know that his cats, Charlie and Sarah, my cousins, had been living with us since the first week of January?! I am so glad they are all reunited and living happily under his roof.

Grandpa’s illnesses/hospital stays the last 2 years have been pretty rough. Now that he’s in better shape, Mom hopes to have more time to spend blogging with me. Just know that if I’m not on here, you can usually catch me on Facebook at: My Facebook has been fairly neglected these last few months with everything going on but important updates always make it on there. It’s much faster to do a one or two line update there than on here.

Anywho, we want to wish all of our friends a Happy Passover and/or a Happy Easter. Talk to you all soon!

*For Mom’s records: I’ve now had episodes on 4/18/15, 10/2016, 2/10/17, 2/21/18, and 4/18/19


Molly HAD cancer!

O…M…D friends! I know I haven’t been around in a really long time but I knew I had to stop by to tell you the craziest thing we’ve heard since….since….since Mom told us we were adopted!

A week ago Molly finally went for her dental and to have the mass behind her ear removed. If you’ve followed our blog, you probably know that the marble-sized mass has been there since Molly joined our family in October 2015. Every vet she saw – the vet at the shelter, the vet Three Oaks, and 3 different vets at our current vet’s office – all said the lump was more than likely a cyst. It wasn’t growing, just staying the same….EXCEPT for the one time she was on steroids and the lump shrunk down to the size of a pea, and the one time it swelled up to the size of a ping pong ball. Both times it went back to the normal, marble size.

Mom and Dad were really concerned with the mass and asked the doctor to remove it during her dental. By the way, Molly has perfectly fresh breath for the first time ever and didn’t have to have any extractions even though they estimated up to 14 extractions! Excuse me. I digress. Dr. Hamilton removed the mass and sent it for cytology just to be sure it was a cyst. Today, he got the results back and found out it was actually a mast cell tumor! A cancerous tumor, friends! My Molly! She had cancer behind her ear for at least 4 years!!!

The vet said that there was always only one kind of mast cell tumor known but now they’ve determined there are various mast cell tumors. Molly’s was the kind that is localized and not nearly as aggressive – once it’s removed, it’s gone and only has a 2% chance of coming back. Luckily, there was no infiltration of Molly’s lymph nodes and the margins looked good on her biopsy so she is cancer-free!

Mom told Dr. Hamilton she would have bet her life that the mass was a cyst because it was able to shrink, get inflamed, etc. Dr. Hamilton said he would have bet his own life that it was a cyst. He also told Mom that no matter how much experience you have, there’s always the opportunity to learn new things.

“Mom, did you tell our friends that I had CANCER?!”
“Noodle, Mom’s telling our friends I had CANCER. Don’t worry, little brother. It’s all gone now.”
“Mom, I’m really glad Molly’s going to be okay but can you please tell her I do the blog, not you?”

We hope all of you are doing well. We will try to stop by some blogs in the next week or so. We have so much stuff going on here. Maybe I’ll get Mom to help me write more blogs so we can tell you everything.

A Super Surprise!

OMD! OMD! OMD! You guys!!! You will never guess what surprise Mom had for me! It was not a some-THING but a some-ONE! 😮

It was my Mom#2 – Amy Sandy- my angel Lexi’s mom! She 🚗 all the way from Tennessee just to see me!!!

We met Mom#2 through my blog back in January of 2015. I “dated” her schnauzer, Lexi, and we went on wonderful adventures together. 🤭

When Mya, Khia, and then Lexi passed away, Mom#2 and Mom were there for each other AND me.

We had such a good time. We stayed up talking and snuggling until 11:30.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, dog and indoor

Thank you for coming to see us, Mom#2! I love you! 💙

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RIP Siddhartha Henry

On Tueday, we received awful, devastatingly horrible news that my BFF, Purrince Siddhartha Henry Penry, had to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

He was the first cat that I ever became friends with (even before my own brother, Jamison). It was because of him that I had the courage to ask Lexi out for Valentine’s Day all those years ago. He was responsible for the greatest love of my life.

He helped me through so many very hard times, too. He was ALWAYS there for me. We used to play zoomies and then take happy nappy’s together. We shared paw pats, head rubs, and ear licks.

I will miss his funny personality, kind words, and friendship.

Mom and Dad feel so sad. Even my Grandma started crying hysterically and couldn’t breath when she found out (she has COPD).

Please pray for his LadyMum, Sherri-Ellen. His passing was very unexpected and she is having a very difficult time coming to terms with it. Siddhartha’s last post can be found here.

I will see you again one day, Siddhartha Henry Penry. Until then, say hi to Khia, Mya, Jamison, and Lexi for me.


Noodle your Moodle

wp-1468359867269.jpegPurrince Siddhartha Henry (Hercule Henri Purr-O)

Tuna Luv 2016.jpgNoodle's 6th bday card.jpg

Tongue Out Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!



Hi, friends!

Boy, oh boy. It was a super busy July.

First, Dad’s oldest daughter and the grandkids came to visit. Then, Molly did the whole going to work with Mom thing for a couple days. THEN, more family came to visit! This time it was Mom’s brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. Oh, they also brought their dog, Nana (she looks like my cousin Mya used to).

We all took turns laying on our cousin, Ariana. (Don’t kill me for posting these, cousin.)


But I had the most fun playing with my Uncle Ross.


…even if Macy was trying to steal all his love the whole time they were here.

Mom took this pic of Nana


She’s pretty cute but do you know that she has no idea how to dog? She really doesn’t know ANYTHING about being a dog. We all scared her. I don’t think she even realized she was the same as us.

We had a really good week with them and hope they can come back to see us soon.

Anyone else have/having visitors this summer?

*ear licks*


Molly, Molly, Molly

First things first, it’s Tongue Out Tuesday:

Second, do you notice anything about that picture? Like, Mom is wearing her work clothes and Molly is dressed up too? That’s because Molly got to go to work with Mom today.

Why you ask? Funny story…. Mom works for a law office. Her bosses and her had plans to go to an abandoned house this afternoon and said house has a rodent infestation. Mom told them how much fun Molly would have there and they asked Mom if she would bring Molly to field any encounters. Molly was so excited to go! Unfortunately, work was so hectic today that the out of office trip was put off until tomorrow. Molly was so well behaved though that they asked Mom if she could come back tomorrow. Crazy huh?

She was even featured on the firm’s Facebook page as the office’s new Home Inspector.

She worked hard all day apparently.

She even got to see Grandpa on her lunch break!

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit jealous. Oh well! I don’t like going in the car anyway and Mom has a 45 minute commute!

My 7th Birthday

Hi, friends!

Guess what today is???? It’s my 7th birthday!!!

Mom made us homemade peanut butter stuffs. Look how cool:



“Hurry up, Mom! That smells delicious and I’m not a patient boy!”


“Mom, I can’t control myself.”


“Mom, this is torture. Can I PLEASE eat it now????”


*nom nom nom*


“Whoa…that was delicious!”


“Mom, can I have some too?” “Of course, sweet girl!”


“Me too, Mom?”        “Couldn’t forget you if I tried, Macy!”

I don’t know what the stuff was that Mom made but it was SOOOOOO good! I think it was healthy too.


Noodle: Mom, was it healthy?

Mom: Yes, Noodle. It was the recipe I use for your homemade pill pockets. It was made with 2 tbsp organic peanut butter, 1 tbsp coconut flour, and 1 1/4 tbsp water. I just mixed the water and flour together and then added the peanut butter.

Noodle: Thanks, Mom. I’ll let my friends know.


Friends, tell your parents to see Mom’s recipe above! All of us love it.

I’m off to celebrate!

Goodnight, everyone!

*ear licks*

Noodle the 7 year old


Just stopping in to say hi to those of you who aren’t following me on Facebook. All is good in our hood.

Grandpa’s cats finally went back to his house now that he’s out of rehab. Thank goodness! They were stealing all of Mom’s attention. Do you know that they get to eat canned food?!?! It smells SO much better than my kibbles. Every time Mom opened a can, all us dogs gathered in case she dropped some. No such luck, though. Mom has ninja skills. Nothing ever hits the floor if we’re nearby.

Sunday was haircut day for me and our new bunnies. Yes, I said new bunnies. In addition to the 4 we already had, Dad brought home 3 male lionheads.

The grey one is Bluey, brown is Cinnamon, and Black is Bagheera. *Note: they came to us with their names. They are only 3 months old.

Here’s a pic of my haircut:


I’m still rocking the mohawk!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying themselves. *ear licks* Noodle

A new platform?

Hi my wonderful friends!

In an effort to stay in better contact with you all, I’m going to be doing more fb updates because those are easier to do on the run. Please go to my page and give it a like and make sure to hit “follow”.

I miss all of you so much and hope to be in touch with you soon.