Omd you guys! He came back! Santa really came back in January with our presents!

He came with a roadkill armadillo for me (remember when I gave mom the armadillo purse?), Molly got a taco, and Macy got a rope chewy.

Macy loves her rope

I preferred not to have my armadillo…

“Yuck. No thanks!”

So Mom and Dad gave it to Molly thinking I’d prefer the taco.

“Ummm…also no thanks!”

I’m not a big toy player with-er.

Molly was very happy with the roadkill armadillo though!

Oh, by the way, we never saw Santa. He snuck in while we were sleeping again! Sneaky Santa 🎅


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I was a discarded, lost little stray without a house or a family...until my mom found me. Now, I am the happiest, most loved dog in the whole world!

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