Good morning, friends.

Molly never did get her surgery yesterday because they ran out of time. She did get her jaw numbed and sub…subcute….subcutaneous! pain medicine. Subcutaneous…that’s a big word. Mom taught me it yesterday but she had to help me spell it today.

Anywho. Molly just got dropped off for surgery.


She looks scared, huh?

The plan is to remove 2 canine teeth: the one that broke (bottom left) and the one from last time that they said was dying and would need to be removed in 6 months to a year (top left). The vet didn’t remove it last time because he said that removing it along with the lower right canine would increased healing time by up to 4 months?! We’re not sure about that but he’s the professional.

Mom and Dad also asked them to look VERY carefully at the top right canine that would be the sole remaining canine. If it look at all suspicious, they want it removed because surgery every few months is NOT an option. The tech said they would review the x-rays they took last time to double-check and Mom said that the last x-rays indicated the tooth that broke was good tooth so they shouldn’t rely on them.

As awful as it all sounds, Molly with no canines sounds nice. She wouldn’t be nearly as dangerous. Is that a terrible thought? Well, when you weight 22 lbs and have been pinned down by her, it’s not!

I’m not scared of her though. As a matter of fact, we both played this morning AND napped in the recliner with Mom who is home sick. I got tired of Molly calling dibs on Mom’s lap everyday so I just jumped right up there with them. She didn’t growl so Mom let me stay.


I’ll be back later after Molly gets home (around 4:00 EST) with an update!


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I was a discarded, lost little stray without a house or a family...until my mom found me. Now, I am the happiest, most loved dog in the whole world!

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  1. my paws are crossed for Molly… I hope everything goes well… I’m there with Molly and your dad to hold her paw…. hugs to you…

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  2. Fingers crossed – hang in there!

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  3. Mrs P says:

    Hope all goes well xx

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  4. stella rose says:

    We hope everything goes well with Molly. POTP coming your way.
    stella rose

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  5. OH! Sending hugs to Molly and wishing for a speedy recovery!

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  6. speedyrabbit says:

    Good luck to Molly for her surgery!Sounds like she felt more comfortable with all the pain medication seeing as she was happy to share lap time with you Noodle.I expect that has been most of her problem being in pain.I know first hand what that kind of pain is like have had my wisdom teeth removed,had to have it done under general anesthetic as the surgeon in the hospital had to remove a piece of my jaw bone to get one at the pain I had from that was excruciating for about 6 weeks So I can imagine how much pain Molly was in,that would be enough to make anyone or pup grumpy,xx Rachel

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  7. I hope everything goes well. Big hugs to all of you! 🙂 – puppy and samantha

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  8. Murphy & Stanley says:

    We hope the surgery goes smoothly and not having bad teeth puts her in a good mood too!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

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  9. Molly will do just fine. I have had all my teeth removed but 6. I got a disease that mostly hits oriental cats and the rotten painful teeth are gone. It took me some time to get over the assault to my mouth and learn to eat dry kibble but I did and so will Molly. She might even become happier.

    Kitty Kisses,


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  10. Frankie and Ernie says:

    We have OUR Paws Crossed and sending Molly POTP fur a quick recovery…

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  11. Praying Molly’s surgery goes alright – in the long run it may make her feel a whole lot better………AND without canines indeed she would be less dangerous. Sending her POTP!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  12. DZ Dogs says:

    Poor Molly, what a rough time!
    Thank you for not having any hard feelings, sometimes old ladies get grouchy, sometimes old ladies have a hard time telling the humans when they are hurting. What a good brother you are. 🙂
    Wags and Kisses to you both! Praying for a speedy recovery for Molly!

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  13. cocoabean2225 says:

    I am so happy Molly is going to have her surgery and hopefully feel so much better. It is so cool that you shared lap cuddle time!!

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  14. Jan K says:

    We have been following along though haven’t had a lot of time to comment. We sure hope Molly’s surgery goes well and that maybe things will settle down after this. We do not think badly of Molly at all…she has a reason for acting the way she has been and that does not mean she is a bad dog. We just don’t want anyone to be hurt, and we want you all to be happy! Sending prayers for all of you!

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  15. maggie0019 says:

    I understand she’s had her surgery – paws crossed fur good outcome

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  16. nordhuesn says:

    Good luck, we hope all goes well. Prayers for your family.

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  17. Oh Molly, I sure hopes the surgery went well, and you are home and resting and feelin’ all the love! Sendin’ you tons of POTP and Healin’ vibes and tons of AireZens!!!
    Gets better soon!!
    Ruby ♥

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  18. fredrieka says:

    paws crossed licks and kisse

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  19. Oh Noodle, so sorry to hear about the delay. We hope today goes better and Molly gets the treatment she needs. I have shared the GoFundMe link on my Facebook page and hope people will consider donations. I know every little bit helps. Fingers and paws crossed. You are all in our thoughts and prayers today and I hope your mom feels better soon, too. ღ

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  20. Nylabluesmum says:

    Hurrah that you an Molly were lap buddies fur Lady Samantha! Mee doin sum deep mee-ohmin’ an POTP fur Molly’ss surgery to go purrfectlee….
    Wee iss berry hopefull that fingss are goin to get better…..
    **paw patsss** an ~~head rubsss~~ an (((hugs)))
    Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum

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