She is going to be the death of me. Literally.

Do you know what she did on Thursday night? No? Oh…well, let me tell you.

Dad was getting ready to meet Mom at her office Christmas party and Macy thought it would be a fabulous idea to climb on the recliner and scale the bar on the counter to grab 3 chocolate bars so we could have a party of our own. Yep, we all ate chocolate in the 5 minutes Dad left us alone.

They were the chocolate bars that kids sell for school fundraisers:


*Picture credit:

Know what happened next? No? Oh…well let me tell you.

DAD FREAKED OUT! He called Mom panicking because he didn’t know what to do. Mom told him to call the vet (the one who did Molly’s teeth). That vet told Dad that because of Macy and Molly’s size, he wasn’t too concerned as long as there was no dark chocolate, but because I am a cute, petite (yet masculine) guy, I needed to throw up. They told Dad to induce vomiting by giving me a capful of peroxide.

HOLY DISGUSTING! Macy….I will never forgive you for this!

It took me 45 minutes of gagging before I finally threw up a ton of chocolate. Needless to say, Dad didn’t go to Mom’s office Christmas party. Instead, he got to stay home and watch me be pitiful.

Macy threw up in the middle of the night but since then, everyone is fine. Well, except Dad who may have lost a year or two of his life due to the stress of the situation.

BUT it doesn’t end there. No….not when Macy’s involved. She tried to kill me again on Friday.

Know what happened next? No? Oh…well let me tell you.

I’ll explain.

Mom got rid of all the soft chew toys and ropes because Macy literally eats them and barfs them up in the middle of the night. So she went out yesterday and bought us all Nylabones. We each got the same exact bacon-flavored bones except mine is a little bit smaller.

As you may know, I am extremely food aggressive. This transfers over to tasty Nylabones. So, I can’t eat mine by the girls…or Jamison….or Mom or Dad. And by near I mean within 100 feet. Look at me and I’ll turn into a gremlin. Walk near me and I become rabid.

So, Mom took my bone away after a little while to protect all the members of the family. A couple hours later, I saw Macy and Molly’s bones unattended. So I went in for a taste. Macy came over and I lost my mind on her, which made her lose her mind on me, which made Molly lose her mind on both of us. Near-death experience.

We all got locked up.

I was imprisoned for almost being killed. Where is the justice in that?!

Wait…I’m not done yet.

Mom finally got the girls some super cheap sweaters ($4) and wanted to make sure they fit. Molly’s (a large) was a bit small and has to be exchanged but she absolutely loved it:

To be sure the next size up (XL) would fit Molly, Mom used Macy’s as a test while Macy was outside. Perfect fit.

When Macy came back in, Mom tried the XL on Macy:

See Molly hovering in the picture on the right? She was MAD! She did NOT want Macy wearing “her” sweatshirt.

Know what happened next? No? Oh….well let me tell you.


We were imprisoned again.

Mom told me later on that night that she was hoping we all just had a bad day.

So, here it is, Saturday morning and for the most part, everyone’s in a better mood. Let’s see if Macy can mess it up…


About noodle4president

I was a discarded, lost little stray without a house or a family...until my mom found me. Now, I am the happiest, most loved dog in the whole world!

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  1. colinandray says:

    Hi Noodle Schmoodle buddy. You cannot imagine how happy I am being the only dog here. So glad that you all survived the “death by chocolate”. That stuff is so bad.Just let the humans eat it all! Woof! Ray. 🙂

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  2. Wow Noodle…. that’s not the peaceful advent-time we eggs-pected. My grandpawrents terrier did the chocolate thing too and that girl even ate the papers, glad the brown stuff is out and that case is closed. It’s a challenge with more than one furkid in da house… I hope you find a way…. Paws crossed for peace in your kingdom…

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  3. Oh no…….well I have to say THANK HEAVENS your Dad was around to see that you all ate the chocolate bars as they really are SUPER DUPER BAD for pups. That was close……then you and the girls get into big trouble over sweaters and nylabones and hey – didn’t anyone tell you “TIS THE SEASON TO BE JOLLY” ????? That’s right – no fighting……..squabbling…….just relax and know that Santa Paws has his eye on you!

    Hugs, Sammy

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  4. Poor Noodle! It’s been a rough week. Mommy had a mini schnauzer when she was little and one day that little dog got up on the table and ate a half-pound kitkat bar. Can you imagine? The dog was super-hyper for HOURS after but no harm done.

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  5. Me says:

    Oh nooooo Noodle!! What a nightmare!

    I’m glad you were all okay after the chocolate – at least it tasted good, right?!

    Kasper feels your pain as he likes to resource guard everything from anyone, haha. If he has a piece of fluff and Zoey wanders over to see what the big deal is she gets a glare! And he used to growl and air snap if we tried to take things off him…we did some work with him and he’s a ton better with us now, but I don’t have the energy to work through it all with each dog…far better to just give them toys and Kongs separate, me thinks 😀

    That aside I love the photos of the girls in their jumpers, they look adorable 🙂

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  6. Murphy & Stanley says:

    Normally we would support you in all activities but the war thing is never a good idea. We hope everyone has kissed and made up. Said make up should NOT include chocolate gifts!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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  7. Oh my! What a few days you had Noodle. I used to be the same about my food…terribly possessive…look at me and you die! sorta aggressive. Over the years I understand no one is going to take my food away so I have mellowed. It’s scary when you’re hungry and someone whips the food dish away…you don’t know when you’ll get to eat again.



    • I didn’t always used to be like this. It started when Mya was still alive. Since she was blind, I could sneak up on her and steal her food. Okay, I know it was wrong. Anywho, mom used to push me away from Mya and tell me that it was bad. Ever since then, I’m aggressive around food and mom doesn’t know how to make it stop.


      • Maybe you need someone to eat all your food and then maybe you’d eat your own and not be aggressive. It’s really hard to say what makes us each tick. When I stopped being possessive about my food, Kali would come over and suck it up like a vacuum. I would let her. She let me get away with a lot and this I could do for my elder. Mom would usually give me treats if she saw Kali horning in on my food. So it all worked out.

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      • Interesting idea. I don’t know how I feel about it but interesting nonetheless! *ear licks*


  8. Nylabluesmum says:

    Good greef what a crazy day youss’ had!!! An now wee know why you fink Macy iss a bit notty….crazy…bonkurrss…a menace….Poor Lady Samantha an Pappaw Greg must have been havin fitss!!!
    All mee can say iss mee iss so-o reeleeved yur ALL OK!! Mee could not bear to lose you mee BFF!!! Mee mite have to give Macy a ‘peece of mee mind’…….hhhmmmmm….
    Now as fur thee sweater fing….thee gurlss must leern ‘to NOT sweat thee small stuff’…Mee knowss; ‘good luck’ with that rite Noodle mee Moodle??? 😉
    An as fur thee unattended Nylaboness….you snoozess; you losess!! Xcept you got ‘hard time’ Noodle mee Moodle…not so good…….
    Mee iss crossin mee pawss today iss a much much much quieter day fur all of youss’…
    ***paw patsss*** an **ear licksss** Siddhartha Henry Penry xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    • Oh, Mom and Dad were having fits alright! Dad was SO mad at Macy. You wouldn’t have even believed the things coming out of his mouth. I have learned that Molly is serious about her clothes. I don’t think Macy cares too much but Molly might be a fashionista. We started it good today but things quickly unraveled. Mom’s going to blow a gasket. I don’t know what that means but I heard her say so. I told Macy what you said and you know what she said? “Huh?!” See what I have to deal with? *ear licks* Noodle

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      • Nylabluesmum says:

        Macy gurl sure iss a pawfull isn’t shee Noodle??? Mee can beeleevess thee werdss yur Pappaw used…mee herd a few frum LadyMum when mee was beein notty…mee not know what they meen butt mee new shee was furry uppyset with mee!
        Molly mite bee a fashionista…..shee sure iss purrty enuff….
        Blow a gaskit ISS NOT good Noodle mee Moodle!!!!!!! Mee has seen LadyMum ‘blow’ an her face goess red an shee hollerss an shee stomps like that Goddyzilla monster an shee even growlss!!!! Seereusslee…..
        An Macy said “HUH?” Figuress. What do wee do about Macy???? All most soundss like thee name of a movie!
        ***ear licksss*** an **paw patsss** Siddhartha Henry Penry xxxxxxxxxxxx

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      • Omd! Mom and I are laughing so hard. We love you and your mom so much ❤

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  9. Three Pups and a Couple of Kitties says:

    Oh my goodness! Your poor Mom and Dad, what a time you all had. Glad today started out better. Hopefully it stayed that way? Hugs and cuddles, extra hugs for Mom and Dad.

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  10. Oh dear Noodle. You’re in even more trouble now…MY Mom said she is going to email YOUR Mom with some ideas on the food aggression.
    And I understand why it was so hard to make you throw up – you’re half schnauzer! Mom’s first schnauzer ate rat poison and it was the same way trying to make her vomit. We just don’t want to give up what is in our stomachs! The other dog, who might have also eaten rat poison, saw what was happening, and when Mom looked at him with the hydrogen peroxide, he just hung his head and gave it up without any further encouragement. BTW, no blue in his, so he was clear. And the schnauzer ended up being ok.
    You need to stop fighting, Noodle, even if the girls want to get into it. Be your Mom’s cuddle boy – you know how she likes that!

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    • Oh, brother! She got your mom’s email and now I have to do training. Greaaaat.

      Rat poison?! Oh my word. She must’ve been terrified. At least chocolate’s made to be eaten for good not for bad.

      As far as me fighting, I think I’m feeding off mom’s emotions. She’s been a little cuckoo lately. Yeah, I’ll blame it on her.

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      • Noodle, I hate to be like this with you, but there are just some things that you need to learn. Your life will be better and later you will thank me. OMD! Now I sound like Mom! And tell your Mom to take a chill pill, everything will be ok. God gave you Molly and she is the glue, remember? Stop being the Goo Gone that takes away the sticky. Seriously, sweetheart, I love you and want you to be happy. ❤ Your best girl, Lexi.

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      • You and your mom are so wise. *snuggles*

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  11. The Admiral says:

    So glad you all survived the chocolate – that is some nasty stuff for dogs. Best to stay away from it in the future. As for the rest – hopefully it was just an all around grumpy day for everyone. After all, I can imagine it gets quite chaotic living in a house with three dogs (along with everyone else).

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    • Welllll today we were all grumpy again. Not as bad though. I think it was some residual hard feelings from yesterday. Oh, we also tried begging for some chocolate from Mom and Dad. I think we need our brains checked. *ear licks*


  12. cocoabean2225 says:

    Oh my goodness you all had some craziness going on in your house. Cocoa Bean once got into a chocolate bar too. It is not good for you pups!! The three of you can be a handful, right 🙂 But a wonderful handful!!

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  13. hello noodle its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow that sownds like a ruff time wot with attempted poyzonings and attempted merders and peepul waring other peepuls klothes and wotnot!!! i am glad things hav setteld down!!! thank yoo for stopping by with tail wags for us this week we all appreesheyayted it!!! ok bye

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  14. corkscot says:

    Mom told us this story. Many years ago when there were five Scotties in the house, one of Uncle Brian’s girl friends brought 5 Greenies for the dogs as a gift. Since all of them were chow hounds, the Greenies were not chewed , by swallowed. Within a few minutes all five dogs were throwing up the whole Greenies. They never got them again.Now when I give treats, they have to sit perfectly still and wait. They get them in order of age and they do not steal from each other. Shelby does not chew her Dentastix, but Sophie and Sidney do. I break the one for Shelby into three parts sol that so doesn’t kill herself swallowing.
    GOOD LUCK!!!!

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  15. We don’t believe we’ve met before but we’ve been reading some of your posts and they remind us of home. You know … war! Glad you survived the chocolate.

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  16. Cupcake says:

    OMGoodness, N. Peroxide vomiting is the worst. I had to do it once when I climbed on a chair, climbed on the table, and ate Mom’s medicine. It was BAD. Your sisters are a real fun-fest when they’re not trying to kill you. Or each other! Watch your back, buddy.

    Love and licks,

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  17. bellfurzoo says:

    OMD sorry but we are laughing hysterically BOL MOL 😉 We hopes today is a better day!!

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  18. cafewand says:

    Lmbo. I’m glad you are all okay. I spent thanksgiving at Grandma’s an I don’t eat anything but cat food an hooman food. I cone back an get cranky because I forget KyloRen is my brother. Grumpy days happen, chocolate hangovers can make anybody cranky.-Padfoot

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  20. The troubles of having troublemakers around the house – always having to deal with the messes others have created, even when it is so not your fault. As an oldest sibling, I understand these sorts of problems all too well.

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