Hi friends!

Thank you all so much for the POTP you have been sending. The good news is, my ears are white again. So it’s definitely allergies.The itching is still bad but Mom and Dad think it’s just from the scabs healing now.

Here’s how it all looks:


That scab actually goes straight up and ends between my eyes 😥



It doesn’t look too bad in the pictures but Mom says it feels awful when she pets me.

I get itchiest in the middle of the night. That’s when my Benadryl starts wearing off. Last night Mom woke up at 4 in the morning and rubbed my ears for 20 minutes.  Not my head though. That hurts!

Hopefully, with a little more time, the itching will stop. Mom has a few more ideas up her sleeves.

Anywho, today is Thursday. My favorite day because it’s Mom’s Friday. The weather here has been awful so I’m hoping for lots of cuddles and loves.

Hmmm…you know what I need? A pair of pajamas. That way when it’s rainy and gloomy outside Mom and I can BOTH lay on the couch in our jammies with our fuzzy blankets. Yep, that’s what I need. If anyone has an extra pair, let me know 😀

About noodle4president

I was a discarded, lost little stray without a house or a family...until my mom found me. Now, I am the happiest, most loved dog in the whole world!

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  1. colinandray says:

    Hi Noodle Buddy! I saw your Post about scratching and thought ………. a scratching post! But then, that is something that stupid cats are supposed to use isn’t it! I am so lucky that I don’t have allergies …. but then I do! I am allergic to seeing food and not being able to grab it! Does that count? Woof! Ray.

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  2. Mags says:

    Sweet Noodle we haven’t been able to visit but we have been keeping prayers going for you and we are glad you are improving. We hope you are all healed up and those ole itchies are gone very soon. Enjoy all those loves and cuddles that we feel sure you are going to get today. Hugs and nose kisses

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  3. Aww, I’m sorry, Noodle!! Sammie knows all about the itchies, too. I hope you get to feeling better and that your mom figures something out – stat! 🙂

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  4. Aww! Poor Noodle!!! I remember how miserable allergies (food & skin) made Rocky. Apoquel really helped him. I hope you find relief soon!! Love & puppy power to you!!

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    • *inserts puppy eyes here* Thank you! I have a question. Is Jacques writing to me or Miss Jacques’ Mom? Sometimes I get confused 🙂

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      • I understand how it can be confusing. This is Jacques mom. I usually write the blog & make comments. Every now & then Jacques commandeers the blog or really, really wants to put in his two cents. Instagram is a whole different story. Instagram is all him! I have no control over that (& subsequently cannot be held responsible for its content). 🙂


      • Ohhhhhh! I thought it was you, Miss Jacques’ Mom! Hi *smile* Ok, now I know and I will go talk to Jacques on Instagram. *ear licks* ❤ Noodle

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  5. nordhuesn says:

    That is no fun. We have a lot of stuff wrong with us collectively, but allergies is not one of them. We are glad you are better and hope the healing continues. POTP X3

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  6. Deziz World says:

    Oh Meow Noodle, dat’s scary. Dat’s a little too close to yous eye. Ask yous mommy to put a little Raw Shea Butter or Olive Oil on yous ouchies so they don’t itch so much. As they dwy out they itch more. Mommy buys our shea butter on da ebay unnew organic, raw or pure shea butter. It be 100% safe even ifin yous or yous kitty sib eats it. Hope yous have a gweat day. Sendin’ purrayers.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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    • Thanks for the info girls! Mom’s going to try the shea butter. She was worried about oil getting everywhere because I have so many scabs, that’s why she didn’t do the coconut oil. See, I keep taking my front paws and scratching from the back of my head to my nose. So, whatever she puts on my head is going to get on my paws. Thanks again! *ear licks* Noodle

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      • Deziz World says:

        Yeah Noodle weez dun dat afur too, but once da skin and scabs be moisturized a bit, they don’t itch as much. And da Shea butter has sum healin’ purropurrties too, so hopefully yous ouchies will go away faster. Good luck, weez sendin’ purrayers.

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Lexi

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  7. Charlie says:

    Crikey Noodle …. you gotta stop scratching. I know its itchy but it would be better if you didn’t scratch. Our Lucy used to have those allergy problems and she scratched. Mum put soft boots on her. She still tried to scratch but didn’t do as much damage. Maybe worth a try.

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  8. The Admiral says:

    Bear gets the same type of scabs on the top of his head. And I don’t even see him scratching – but pretty sure it is allergies. Heal up soon Noodle. In the meantime, have your Mom get you some cool looking socks. They may feel weird, but you should at least look awesome wearing them.

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  9. Dem allergies stink, my BFF Finley has em.

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  10. “early male balding” …OMD…mom is screeching with laughter! We hope the itching clears up once your scabs have healed. Enjoy your couch day.
    Wally & Sammy

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  11. Noodle I hope the itching goes away soon… I had such allergies on my belly and between my legs, that was as uncomfy as sitting on an ants pile. I like the idea with wearing a PJ the whole day and hanging around together while doing nothing … well maybe doing nothing except to eat tons of snacks :o)

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  12. Oh Noodle I’m so glad your itchies are better! No worries on the hair – it will grow back just fine…….I hope you find some nice jammies for “Mom-snuggling” too!

    Love, Sammy

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  13. Genis LeyNel says:

    Dude, you are waaayyyy to young to be going bald already. Get better soon.

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  14. Three Pups and a Couple of Kitties says:

    How are you feeling today Noodle?

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  15. stella rose says:

    Gussie boy gets those little sores on his head also, Dad freaks out and thinks they are ticks and bug them and then mom freaks out and yells at dad and tells him to leave them alone…sigh….glad you are better noodles….stella rose

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  16. corkscot says:

    Benadryl cream might help on the scab.

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  17. Nylabluesmum says:

    Mee-you Noodle mee iss worried ’bout you! At leest you can take Benny-drill for thee itchin an allergy!
    Say mee LadyMum has sum flannel PeeJayss that you can have! They iss pale turquoise blue an have Scottie doggies on them with green bows an so soft….
    Wood you like them?? Yur Mumma wood have to make them smaller of course….mew mew mew….
    ***paw patsss*** an purrayerss, yur BFF Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

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  18. cafewand says:

    Padfoot has being doing this a lot too, think we might be changing to oatmeal shampoo soon!

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