There IS stuff to tell you about!

News #1: We’re bird-sitting. Yeah, a 3rd cockatiel in the house. Her name is Christina and she belongs to our neighbor who went on a cruise.


She seems to have a “thing” for Corbin. Every time he starts singing, she chimes in. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the feeling is mutual. Corbin looks at her like, “Excuse me, dear, but I am a soloist. I don’t do duets!”

She’s staying with us until Tuesday which can’t get here fast enough. As if my time with Mom wasn’t already jeopardized enough by Cheney and Corbin, now she has to attend to Christina AND I can’t go into the bird room to eat their food that they throw because Christina is terrified of me. Their little fruity pellets are the only good thing about them!

News #2: One of our chickens, Turkey (yes, that’s her real name), chose the worst time of the whole season to molt. She is almost naked! Thank goodness her pin feathers appear to be almost ready to pop because she is looking rough! Not to mention that it’s been in the low 30s and she’s featherless in places:

CAM04331  wpid-cam04340.jpgCAM04334

Last night, Dad went out to their coop to put a heat lamp inside.  When Dad opened the door, he was afraid because all of the other chickens were huddled together. He thought maybe it was too late for Turkey but from the center of the circle, her little head popped out. The other chickens were keeping her warm! Amazing, huh?

Here is a pic of one of the other chickens, Pepper:


And one of Bare-butt:


And Franklin:


They were being nosy when Mom was trying to get a good pic of Turkey.

News #3: Back in early October, on one of the first super cold nights of the season, Dad was bringing plants in and found 2 lizard eggs in the soil of one of them. He figured if he didn’t take the eggs in, the babies would never make it. Remember now, Dad and Mom used to breed turtles, tortoises, and lizards? Well, unfortunately, now that they closed up shop, there are no egg incubators running anymore. So, Dad simply put the eggs in a kritter keeper and they have been sitting on a shelf ever since. In November, Mom candled the eggs and could see little eyeballs and stuff. About 2 weeks ago, Mom candeled them again and it appeared the eggs had gone bad. She was super sad. Out of either denial or perhaps just laziness, Mom left the eggs. Yesterday, she looked at them while she was cleaning and knew she should throw them away but denial AND laziness won out as she had just finished cleaning the house. THANK GOODNESS SHE DIDN’T THROW THEM OUT! This morning, 2 beautiful Mediterranean House Geckos hatched:

CAM04330  CAM04329

CAM04327  CAM04325CAM04323  CAM04324

They are SO cute!

News #4: My itching has reared it’s ugly head after almost 2 months of freedom from it. I was due for a haircut and Mom knew it would be the only thing that would help my itching so I was mutilated…again. Hair cuts and baths – 2 things I hate more than Jamison!


I do look pretty handsome, though.

Mom was very upset when she saw this:


That’s my back end. When I get really itchy, I do 2 things for relief: I scratch my back on the bars underneath the dining room chairs, and I sit on the area rugs and spin in circles. Mom thinks that I have rug burn!


Whew! I can’t believe I almost forgot to tell you all of that! I think I covered it all. If I didn’t, it will have to wait until tomorrow because I am beat! Baths suck the life right out of me.

Good night, friends!

About noodle4president

I was a discarded, lost little stray without a house or a family...until my mom found me. Now, I am the happiest, most loved dog in the whole world!

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  1. Genis says:

    Sorry about your itch and I hope it goes away soon. That was an amazing turkey story; I really enjoyed that piece of news. And the geckos! Good think Our Cat is not around, because she just loves to pounce on those fellas.

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  2. Mrs P says:

    Thanks for sharing all your news, love chickens, I’m sure almost everyone in the village has them except us,
    You have critters over at your place I’ve never ever seen, cockatiel ?? is that anyway similar to the jackdaws that live in the cottages chimney??
    Squeal !! You have 2 baby geckos Woo Hoo ….except I don’t know what they are but Woo Hoo (sorry I tend to get a little excited)
    I had my first bath last week I accidentally trampled in poo & Mr P dumped me in the butler sink ,,,,man alive is the man crazy!!! so I totally understand where you are coming from on that score, hope your itch goes away real soon
    Phew after all your exciting news I think I need a nap, speak to you again real soon, *yawn* Oscar x

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    • A puppy’s enthusiasm is the best! Jackdaws are more like our crows and ravens, I think? I had to Google them. Cockatiels are found in the wild in Australia but in the US, they are very common to have as pets. Geckos are VERY fun to chase. Personally, I don’t chase them but I know most dogs do. Sorry about your bath…they are terrible! I think I need a nap after reading how excited you got!


  3. Never a dull moment around your place Noodle! How about a sweater for your almost bald chicken until those feathers pop? (tee hee) Good thing those eggs were left alone because now there’s two more little geckos in the world. Sorry you had to do the bath thing and that you got rug burn but maybe now that you had your bath you won’t be so itchy??????

    Hugs, Sammy

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  4. Oh I had no clue that you have such nice chickens. I have one chicken named Eva and a rooster named The one eyed Count, they are as old as dirt and Eva never laid an egg, but my staff said they can stay as long as they live in my back yard…
    What name will your give your House Geckos? Bet they will get pretty cool names, like your chicken :o) I hope the itching will disappear soon and maybe your vet knows a treatment or a trick how you can chase away the itching-gremlin?

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  5. Hope the shave and bath worked for the itching. Getting groomed is the worst, and so are baths. Almost as bad as clothes. They don’t tire me out, however. Just the opposite. I run around in a crazed frenzy afterwards, rubbing all over the couch and bed to try to get dry, making rrr rrrr rrrr grunting-type noises. Then I start to shiver. Then mom wraps me up in a blanket (if she can catch me) and that is almost as bad as clothes. Does anyone else get cold after a bath?

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    • I run like a mad man after my bath! Mom tells me I look like Fred Flintstone ( I don’t know who he is). She says it’s because my feet go and my body stays in one place, at first. Then I sleep. Mom used to blow dry me when my hair was longer but now it’s only 1/16″, nearly nothing! Mya (my dachshund cousin) used to shiver when she was younger. Mom always keeps her wrapped up after a bath.

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  6. Mrs P says:

    I hope you don’t mind but I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award, I just love your blog and us dogs deserve the recognition don’t you think 🙂


  7. Nylabluesmum says:

    Mee-you itt appeerss you ahve gone to the birdiess!! Mee iss so happy yur chickenss are safe an doin well. That Christian birdie soundss like shee has a crushie on Corbin…MOL…
    An hurrah fur thee new arrivalss…baby Geckoss are sorta cute! Mee hopess they grow up big an strong & are abull to go out into thee werld an bee happy (or live with all of youss an bee happy…)
    As fur the itichiess mee hopess they settle down soon…that rug burn lookss tendur…..
    **nose bumpss** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum xXxXxX

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Nylabluesmum says:

    Well mee can see why Christina likess Corbin…hee is cute fur a boybirdie…
    Awww thee Geckoss are allready on thur own. It iss luvly they will have a safe life with yur pawentss….
    Iss like a mini zoo at yur place which iss BERRY cool 😉
    **nose bumpss** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

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