A Rocky Adventure

Hellooooooooooo out there!

Friends! I went on an epic adventure the other day. Hmmm…a week ago Saturday.

Noodle: Mom, why am I just telling them now?!

Mom: Because I was too lazy to type your blog.

Noodle: As long as I got you to admit that so my friends realize I’M not the flake. 



A week ago Saturday, Mom and Dad took me to the park that I used to go to with Khia. Except, we did something totally different than normal. This time we looked for rocks. Not just any rocks but painted rocks.

There’s this craze going on in our area and many other cities where people are painting pictures or messages on rocks and leaving them for others to find. It’s like a giant Easter egg hunt.

Look at these pics:

1st rock

I found a rock!

noodle and dad

Then we went way high in the sky onto an observation tower about 60 feet tall. When I looked over the edge, I stopped breathing.

noodle carried

We walked SO much that I had to eventually be carried. I didn’t even have the energy to pull my legs up into Dad’s side. 


This was our total haul for that park.

I was exhausted but it was lots of fun.

Then, this past Friday Mom and Dad took me to the vet for an allergy shot. It’s this kinda sorta new stuff called cytopoint. It’s supposed to stop itching for 4-8 weeks (it’s definitely working). I had so much fun seeing the ladies that work there (Hi, Ms. Merrillee! Hi, Ms. Marissa! Hi, Ms. Angie!!!) They read my blog.:)

So, I got my shot and THEN Mom and Dad took me to a different park to hide all of the rocks we found last week and to look for new ones.

I didn’t rock hunt that time. I was on squirrel and lizard patrol. At one point, Dad wasn’t paying attention and I saw a squirrel and I ran so fast that I pulled my leash right out of Dad’s hands. BOL!

I like getting to go places again. Macy is super jealous though. Every time she hears my leash so starts howling and barking. She still has 3 weeks to go until her x-ray for the all clear.

Oh, I almost forgot – HAPPY SPRING!!!!


How embarrassing…


I am SO embarrassed.

In my last post I told you my middle name was Schnoodle.

My middle name is NOT Schnoodle. I GO BY Noodle the Schnoodle but Schnoodle is not my middle name.

My middle name is Pants. As in Noodle Pants. It has been since the 2nd day I lived with Mom and Dad. Dad’s daughter gave me my middle name. She and Mom call each other Pants (don’t ask), so she said I needed to be a Pants, too.

The worst part of this is that Mom does the typing and she LET me write Schnoodle.



Macy’s Big Adventure

Howdy, friends! Noodle J. Parker here. BOL! That’s Dad’s nickname for me. My middle name is Schnoodle – it doesn’t start with “j”- and our last name isn’t Parker. Silly Dad.

I came to update you all on Macy. It’s been 17 days since her surgery. She’s doing really well. Too well. She’s ready to run and play and she’s not allowed to for another month!

Mom and Dad know how hard it must be for her to stay “calm” and quiet. She IS Macy after-all. So, they took her on an adventure Friday.

It started with a little walk to see Snooter Tooter


Licking each other’s tongues.


Sniffing noses

Then they took her to visit with the chickens.


“They gave me love bites on my nose!”

The dodo doesn’t even realize that they’re trying to kill her.


Yesterday, she got to go to the vet! Mom was afraid she wouldn’t like going anymore but she did. They took her stitches out and said she’s healing wonderfully.


Barely any scar! Mom thinks it’s because the doctor did the initial incision with a laser that cauterized as it cut. She doesn’t really know but it’s just a guess.

Macy has to go back in 6 weeks for her post-op x-ray to make sure everything is healed properly. Once that’s done and cleared, Macy can resume normal activity.

Countdown to normalcy: 17 days down, 43 to go!

Don’t Get Caught With Your Pants Down!

Hellooooooo, friends!

I have left you all in the dark since Saturday regarding Macy. Don’t worry. No news was good news.

Things are going very well. As a matter of fact, Macy is back to eating her normal amount of food as of last night and is finally eating all of her joint supplements again.

The only time we notice a problem – I say we because I am watching over her like secret service watches the president – is when her cone is on. It’s supposed to be on all the time. Imagine this: you’re in terrible pain from a gi-hugic surgery and all you want to do is snuggle in bed to sleep it off. Now imagine you have a HUUUUUUUUUUUUGE lampshade on your head and you can’t even bury your head in a pillow. Totally cruel, right? Mom noticed Macy was beginning to get really depressed and she wasn’t really sleeping. So,  Mom being the neurotic mom she is was on a mission to get Macy pants so she didn’t have to wear the cone. Let me explain: pants would keep her from licking her incision and messing with the sutures.

Dad donated an old pair of pajama pants to the cause. Mom cut, sewed, nipped and tucked until this happened:

Macy was SO much happier! She fell right to sleep.

Yesterday, Mom went to the dollar store and bought Macy some toddler pajama pants (size 3T) that fit much better:


Unfortunately, Mom has yet to figure out how to keep the pants from sliding down when Macy continuously switches positions. She’s thinking suspenders will do the trick. BOL! I can’t deal with this. BOL! I’m going to pee myself. ROFL!

Ok…breathe, Noodle, breathe!


Mom and Dad have also been letting Macy sit on the couch with them. She has to wear her pants and a leash, and they pick her up to get her on/off the couch. When she’s laying with them, she doesn’t try to move around too much. She’s definitely not herself.

That’s about all the info I have for now. I’ll be back when there’s more to tell.

Oh, Macy said to tell all of you thank you for sending POTP and thinking of her.

Countdown to Macy’s anticipated full recovery: 55 days! 


All is Quiet

Hi, friends! Just popping in to let you all know that Macy is resting much more comfortably.

She was up most of the night with Mom, sleeping only  from 12-2 and 6-7:30. Mom and I slept on a pile of blankets in front of Macy’s crate. At one point, Mom was even in Macy’s crate with her.

Macy stopped crying after she finally went pee at 3:15 in the morning.

She’s fully alert today and no longer needs to be slinged during walks.

After her quick walk this afternoon, Mom put her in her favorite chair and sat with her so she could look out the window for a bit.


That is the biggest lampshade ever!

Her incision looks really good today, too:


Her appetite is still small but she IS eating…and burping…a lot while eating. Piggy.

Anywho, I’m off to catch some much needed sleep. Talk to you tomorrow!

*ear licks*

Macy’s Home From Surgery

What a relief! She’s home!!!

This morning, Mom and Dad left the house with her and then they came home WITHOUT her. THEN, Mom took macy’s bed out of her crate and started disinfecting it. I thought Macy was dead! I was all sorts of freaked out. It didn’t take long for Mom to realize what she did.

So now I’m sitting guard by Macy’s crate to make sure nothing happens to her.


I’m going to let Mom take over now because I don’t understand all of this medical stuff.

Hi, everyone!

Macy had 2 procedures done today during surgery: the grinding of the bone to fix the patellar luxation AND the TPLO. It turns out that her ACL was completely torn but, luckily, her meniscus was intact.

She has approximately 50 sutures inside and 6 outside. The surgery took about an hour and fifteen minutes.

The surgeon said she expects a 2 month recovery. For the first 2 weeks, it’s outside just to pee and poop and then right back inside. Then we can up her walks by 5-10 mins every 2 weeks after. Physical therapy is not necessary but we can do it if we would like, and we can continue the cold laser therapy.

She also said that playing and being active is good for Macy’s hip dysplasia. It keeps the surrounding muscles strong. She said that so long as she stays active and doesn’t become overweight, the prognosis is good. Also, 85% of dogs with hip dysplasia never need surgery. (YESSSSSSSSSSSS!)

She was adorable when waking up from the anesthesia:

img_20170217_180250.jpg                      img_20170217_183429.jpg

She was given Rimadyl and another pain killer before we even saw her. They sent her home with Tramadol and she’s allowed to have 1-2 every 8 hours, along with her normal Previcoxx and joint supplements, starting tomorrow morning.

She’s currently resting in her crate, in between bouts of waking up crying something awful. I’ll be so happy when the anesthetic wears off. I remember how much Noodle cried until it wore off when he was neutered.

Here’s a video of one of her “fits”:

It’s absolutely heartbreaking.

Now, for inquisitive minds, here are some pics of the x-rays and of her incision. I don’t think there’s anything too bad even if you are squeamish.


Side view of plate.


Side view Close-Up


Rear View



We were originally told the incision would be fairly small but I guess she needed more room to do what she had to do? Oh, well. As long as she gets better, that’s all I care about!

I’m off to rest while she’s quiet. Normally a decaffeinated coffee drinker, I just drank caffeinated so I can stay up with her if need be. Most of you know me well enough to know that I’ll be sleeping on the floor by her crate tonight.

I, or Noodle, will pop on tomorrow to post an update.

Thank you for all the POTP you sent!!!!

Mom’s Freaking Out!

Good morning, friends!

Remember how I told you all that Macy needed surgery on her knee? Well, it turns out that the surgery is going to be much more complicated than originally explained. Now that the orthopedic surgeon has seen the x-rays, she thinks there’s a tear of Macy’s cruciate ligament. So instead of simply deepening the groove in Macy’s bone for her kneecap to sit on, Macy is going to be getting a plate and screws in her knee during a surgery called Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) What the BLEEP?!?!?! 😯

Not only is the surgery different but the price just went up by anywhere between $1,000-$3,200 and is now estimated between $3,124-$5,719! The insurance company will be covering 90% but Mom is still freaking out.

She’s not just freaking about the money. She’s freaking out about the invasiveness of the surgery and the increased downtime compared to the other surgery (it went from 14 days to approximately 4-6 months). You all have seen Macy. How in the world are Mom and Dad going to keep her calm for months when they can’t even keep her calm for a full hour?!

Mom is hoping that when the surgeon sees Macy in person…  dog?…no, person – that she’ll find Macy’s ligament intact and she’ll only have to do the basic surgery.

Her surgery is scheduled for 2:30 pm tomorrow, 2/17. Mom and Dad have to drop her off at 11:00 am for pre-op bloodwork. Then, they’re going to go back around 2:00 so they can speak with the surgeon about everything.

Friends, I think it’s time that I go on vacation. Maybe Mrs. Lexi’s Mom will let me come stay with her during this catastrophe. No, I KNOW she will! Mrs. Lexi’s Mom aka Mom#2, can you come pick me up please?

I’ll update you guys as soon as I have info!



Valentine’s Party

Hi, friends! I know everyone is getting ready for the big party.

I’m going with Gracie, Lexi’s cousin (as friends, of course).

Mom just HAD to embarrass me by making Gracie come inside to take a picture before we left.


Don’t we look so happy?! BOL! We were hungry and Mom was just delaying our eating.

See you all at the dance!

Update on that Weird Thing

Hi, friends! Happy Sunday!

Mom called the vet yesterday about my episode but they were triple-booked. The receptionist spoke with Dr. H and he said as long as the episodes aren’t happening more than once a month, he would like to avoid medication.

Remember, they aren’t seizures. It’s actual cramping of my body.

Mom has taken a very proactive approach by replacing the big dogs’ food with a grain-free food. Now if I eat it, I won’t get super itchy and it won’t trigger another episode.

One thing that did happen yesterday is that Mom remembered something that happened the day after Khia died. She thought I had a seizure from possible heat stroke because I was running around like a maniac chasing the neighbor’s lawn mower through the fence. Looking back, she realized it was this very same thing.

So I have had one on 4/18/15, 10/2016, and 2/10/17.

No worries, friends. I’m just fine! No lasting side effects. It’s like when your parents wake up in the middle of the night screaming because their leg is cramped. It just happens to my whole body. Nothing life-threatening 🙂


Macy’s Hip Evaluation & Something Weird

Hellooooooooooooooo! Is anyone out there? It’s me – Noodle! Did you forget me? I’ve been gone forever.

I’ve been away for like 3 weeks! Sorry, I had nothing on my mind to talk about, I guess.

But! Today, I have updates to…update…you on.

Mom & Dad were finally able to take Macy to the 2nd vet for an evaluation.


Aside from her hip dysplasia, it turns out Macy has a Grade 3 medial patellar luxation (kneecap out of place) and has arthritis in the same knee.

According to the American College of Veterinary Surgeons (click for their article on pattelar luxation), the difference in grading is:


So Macy is going to have knee surgery next week (we hope). In the meantime, she got cold laser therapy on her hips today.


Mom keeps saying, “Thank God for pet insurance!” I guess it’s going to cost a lot of dollars – $2,100-2,500. With the pet insurance, Mom only pays 10%. Thank DOG! Otherwise I think we might all starve to death because Mom would be broke and we wouldn’t be able to eat!

Speaking of eating, Mom switched my food again. Instead of eating Natural Balance LID Duck and Pea formula, I’m eating Fish & Sweet Potato formula. My itching has been at an all-time high so Mom is trying a different protein. Mom is pretty sure I’m allergic to grains and so she gets super mad when I get out into the bird room and eat their pelleted food which has corn and all sorts of grainy things in it. Then, I go outside and eat seed from under the bird feeder. Oh, and don’t forget that I like to find single kibbles that Macy and Molly knock out of their crates. Yes, I am all sorts of itchy.

Okay, onto the “something weird”. Last October, I had what Mom and Dad thought may have been a seizure. I had been laying in bed with Mom napping in the afternoon when I all of a sudden I started shaking really bad. Then my legs shot out to my sides and were stiff. I couldn’t stand. My head was moving back and forth and my eyes were buggy. It lasted for probably 2 minutes they said.

Well, today, it happened again. I was laying on the back of the couch and Mom thought I was scratching as usual. After about 30 seconds, she turned around to see that this weird thing was happening again. This time, the only different thing that happened was that I coughed twice during the “episode”. It lasted maybe another 3 minutes once Mom noticed what was happening.

Mom is going to call the vet in the morning because after a lot of research and video watching, she thinks it’s something called Canine Epileptoid Cramping Syndrome (aka Spike’s Disease). It looks like this:

Lots of shaking, though.

There’s not a whole lot of info out there but here’s the basics: http://www.canineepilepsy.co.uk/cecs.html. It can be triggered by gluten!

The good news is, a) it’s not really epilepsy at all even though the name makes it sound like it, and b) it’s not life-threatening.

Mom will call Dr. H in the morning to discuss this more to be sure of the diagnosis that Google helped her come too.

No worries, friends. I’m fine. Just a little tired now but I’ll be a-ok!

I’ll be back soon when I know more about Macy’s surgery and my diagnosis.

*ear licks*