There’s a Hurricane Coming

Hi, friends!

I know I was doing so good posting everyday again but things got a little crazy here in Florida. You may have heard we have a visitor arriving this weekend. Her name is Irma….Hurricane Irma.

Having lived in southeast FL her whole life, Mom’s used to hurricanes but Irma is not a regular hurricane. She is the biggest one on record. Worse than Hurricane Andrew which Mom remembers from when she was a little girl.

Luckily, as it stands now, we are on the west side of the storm which is better than being in the center or on the east side.


Unfortunately, we live in a manufactured home (i.e., mobile home) and they are not meant to withstand winds over 70 mph. Hurricane Irma is currently 180 mph by the eye of the storm.

Mom and Dad have been very busy packing the essentials so we can evacuate. We’re not going far – just about 20 minutes north to my Grandma’s house (Dad’s mom). She has a regular block/concrete home.

As of right now, all of us animals have a place to go except Snooter Tooter. My other Grandma (Mom’s mom) has been calling rescues and sanctuaries but is having no success. No one has a barn or room for a 130 lb pig 😦  Please pray for him. We know he’s a tough guy and we’re not worried about him drowning but Mom is so worried about him being out in the elements. He has a house he can go into but remember, this is a storm that can take down entire buildings. Mom is absolutely sick over this. She has a rule – no animal left behind. But this time she can’t live by it. There is just no possible way to take him with us.

We are expecting storm-like conditions to begin Saturday night/Sunday morning with the peak of the storm around Sunday evening.

We will be in touch as soon as possible.

You can try to reach us by email at if we don’t come back to the blog right away. Keep in mind we are preparing ourselves mentally for not having a home to come back to.

Finally, please pray super hard for my Grandma (Mom’s mom) who lives in Ft. Lauderdale (see the red dot on the map below).


Her building is very strong but we are still very worried. It’s never easy when your family can’t all be together.

We love you all and will post as soon as we can!


Noodle, Macy, Molly, Rudee, Snooter Tooter, Mom and Dad

(and the 13chickens, 4 pheasants, 4 bunnies, 3 birds, 2 turtles, and fish)


Macy & Rudee Sitting in a Tree



“Macy she caught us on camera!”




“Don’t mind her, Rudee. Gimme kiss!”

Ugh! *GAG* They are SO gross!

Good evening, friends! I just wanted to pop on real quick to let you know I am feeling MUCH better. I didn’t even have to go pee in the middle of the night last night 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


We Should Have Knocked Harder!


Remember on Sunday I told you, “Everything is great here! *knocks on wood*”???? Well, we should have knocked harder.

Last night, I started peeing drops of blood and even a blood clot came out.

Dad took me to the vet a little bit ago and LUCKILY it’s not bladder stones like Stella Rose just had (Mom was FREAKING out). It’s just a bad bladder infection. They gave me an antibiotic shot, antibiotic pills to take at home, and some other stuff.

Apparently, being on a grain-free diet can cause urinary crystals. I think that’s just ridiculous. Mom has to buy some supplements for me to prevent this from happening again.

Anywho, I need a blog cleansing. You know, something to make the jinx-inator disappear so I can just have good things to report. A little woo-sah and sage smudging perhaps. Do any of you know someone that can do this for me?

Here’s a pic from last night:


I was trying to sit on Mom’s lap and Macy wouldn’t get off of me. She actually crawled into Mom’s arms above me and laid back like a baby. Then she ended up like the picture. Dad said, “She knows you’re sick, Poodle,” and I said, “Well, I didn’t try to smother her when she was recovering from surgery!”

She knows no boundaries….

Starting the Day With a Hunt


“Mom, are you REALLY making me look for a new secretary???”

Hmph. I can’t believe I have to start my morning looking for a new secretary. I wonder if I can convince Dad to do it?


“Do you like these kisses, Dad? If you’re willing to be my new secretary, you’ll get 87 million of these per day!”

Dad: “I already get 87 million kisses per day from you, Noodle!”

Uh-oh….this isn’t looking good.

I’m Still Here!

Hello wonderful friends – it’s me, Noodle!

I haven’t been here in awhile and I know how worried you all get. Everything is great here! *knocks on wood*

Macy got cleared to resume normal activity on August 4th. She is loving every second of her freedom. Me? Not so much. She’s SO annoying and back to being super pushy.  Here are some pics of her left knee:

20604240_10106829732393381_8363736047196543603_n 20596948_10106829734444271_1974780635357948725_n

OMD! She looks fat in her x-ray BOL! She’s not really fat at all but I guess the camera really does add 10 lbs!

Anywho, she and Rudee have been flitting around like lovebirds being all disgusting together. All they do is makeout. *gag*

Molly is doing good too. She’s been working really hard at being brave during thunderstorms. Mom got her a Thundershirt and it has made a HUGE difference. When it’s on, she stops shaking and doesn’t freak out looking for somewhere to hide. She still drools and pants but at least she doesn’t have to get tranquilized every day. We give it 16 paws up and 4 thumbs up!

Oh! I have been using my steps finally! It took a month but I’ve got the hang of them now. I’m still a little suspicious of them but I use them on my own.

I’ve missed chatting with all of you. Mom hasn’t been very good about typing replies to your comments. She said it overwhelms her. I can’t help it if I have such awesome friends that want to talk to me! She told me she works really hard every day and that she is too tired to be my secretary when she gets home. WHAT?! Umm, what am I supposed to do now? I don’t have thumbs! I can’t type!


Looking for a secretary to type blogs and respond to comments for a super cute, spotted boss. Payment will come in the form of 87 million kisses per day.

Maybe Mom will change her mind if she knows my kisses will go to someone else. *paws crossed*


“Did you change your mind yet, Mom?”

Hopefully I’ll be back to blog more soon! If not, look for me on Facebook. You can send me a message through there and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Happy Sunday!

What a Great Day!

You guys – my birthday was SO awesome!

The whole day was all about….ME! The best kind of day, right?


So the daytime was kind of slow-going because Mom was at work but when she got home, there was lots of action.

For starters, it was storming something fierce. Molly got a new thundershirt on Sunday and it seems to be helping way more than we expected. As a matter of fact, she was doing pretty great. That is until the big, gi-hugic, unexpected Ka-ba-boooooooooooooooooooom that shook our house and even scared Mom and me. Lightning hit somewhere in our yard and the thunder almost made the house implode. Okay, so maybe not that serious but pretty close!

At this point I was trembling the way I do during fireworks. Mom figured this was the perfect time to distract me with my party.  So, you would think that with as many furry residents as we have in our house, that my party would consist of all of us eating treats and whatnot. Nope! This was great – Mom and Dad gave everyone treats in their own quarters of the house and then I had a party with just Mom and Dad. All of the attention was on ME!

Just look at this deliciousness that I got:


The homemade treats Mrs. Lexi’s Mom made me, chewy jumping sticks by Natural Balance, and turkey! Mmmmm!


I could hardly contain my excitement!


“Neener neener, sisters! I’m partying with Mom and Dad!”



“Mom, my hat is falling into my eyes!”

After my party, Mom and I played tug-of-war. It was so much fun! I have been playing with toys A LOT lately. Mom and Dad think is super cute so I do it extra since it makes them giggle.

Finally, Mom and I got into bed and then she saw something on her phone that made her jump out of bed and run outside. When she came back in, she had a present for me!


Apparently, UPS left this in our yard earlier in the day. Thank the doggy-gods that they weren’t ruined from the rain! Now Macy and I can get on the bed easier!

I’m a little scared of the steps. Mom keeps trying to tell me that they’re the same as the ones I used to use when Khia was still here but I’m not sure about all that. We’ll see…

I’m pretty exhausted from all of the celebrating we did last night so I think I’m gonna go take a little snooze. Thank you for all of the wonderful birthday wishes. You all made me feel so loved!


It’s My 6th Birthday!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, everybody!

Today is a very special day – it’s my birthday! I’m 6 years old now.

Mom said that the trendy thing for parents to do these days is to list their kid’s favorites, dislikes, etc. on their birthday. She asked me if I wanted to do it and I said sure.

Name: Noodle

Age: 6 years

Weight: Ummm…healthy

Height: Well, I have long legs but I’m only about a foot tall. 

Favorite things to do: Try to find my sisters’ loose kibbles, nap, boss my little sister around, lick Mom and Dad’s legs until they freak out, roll in the dirt

Least favorite things to do: Getting haircuts, baths, and pedicures; hanging out with my little sister

I hope I get to have a birthday party tonight. I love birthday parties. Remember Macy’s first birthday? We had waffles! 

Since I can’t eat things like waffles anymore, I wonder what we’ll have.

Guess what I got? I got a package in the mail from Mrs. Lexi’s Mom (aka Mom #2). Look at it all:

Homemade yummies!!!!

Here’s a video of me opening it:

Mom #2, you are so awesome. Thank you!!!!

Well, I’m off to party. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow to let you know what we have for dessert!


Who Gave Her a License?!

Good morning, friends!

You’ll have to excuse my anger but I’m just blown away. I am at a loss. I need to know who gave my Mom a license to cut my furs?

“What’s wrong,” you ask? I’ll tell you!

On Friday night, Mom “groomed” me (more like maimed me). I have been having a really bad allergy flare up and I have scabs all over my cute little body. As Mom “groomed” me with the clippers, some of my scabs pulled and started to bleed. Then, she forgot to clip my left ear and a piece of my mustache on the left. Now I’m lopsided! Just look:


Look at all that fur underneath my left ear (your right)!!!

She also felt compelled to shave my feet. She claimed it was to keep fleas off. I’m pretty sure that was code for, “I want to torture you even more”.

But it didn’t stop there, friend. No…it got worse.

After my post-“grooming” (butchering) bath, she did the unthinkable. She cut my nails. Nail trimming is extremely traumatic for me. I cry and cry and cry. Because of this, Mom hadn’t been keeping up with my nail trims (YAY!). Well, my left dewclaw grows in a curl and it’s very hard to clip (YAY!). Except she clipped it that night. To prevent the curling, she clipped it shorter than normal and guess what happened? SHE CLIPPED THE QUICK! She got me, friends. I bled! She made me BLEED!

Let’s recap:

  • Bloodied scabs
  • Lopsided cut
  • Naked feet
  • Amputated toe Nail cut too short

Just what was she thinking?! What did I do to deserve it all?!

All I know is she’s been getting major stink eye from me.


“I’m not pleased with you, Mom.”

As you can imagine, the whole ordeal was exhausting. So, I took her spot in bed.


I’m not sure when/if I’ll forgive her for this one.

I hope none of you have to go through this. Well, I know Ruby already did once when her Mom tried to steal her entire ear. Good luck to the rest of you, though!


All is Well

Happy Monday, friends!

As you can imagine, I haven’t been able to blog because Mom has her hands full…literally. Either she’s dealing with Macy or coddling Molly or me because we’re both uber jealous and feigning injuries.

For example, a loooooooong time ago I told you all how I knocked my kneecap out of place and for weeks after it was healed, I would pretend that it hurt anytime Mom yelled at me. Well, all of a sudden, that injury came back yesterday.

Molly actually DID have an injury. She got a cut between her toes on her back foot and it was bleeding. So Mom did the whole, “Oh my poor baby!” and then Molly felt better.

Macy is doing okay. She had to go to the vet today because she was shaking her head (ear infection) and because her incision was draining reddish fluid every time she moved her leg. It turned out to just be serum coming out but you know Mom, she was faaa-reaking out. So her current ailment list: recovering from right meniscus repair and left TPLO (acl repair), bacterial skin infection, yeast infection in left ear, and draining right incision. My word…she’s pulling no stops to get all of Mom’s time.

This is from the night of her surgery:


That’s mom sound asleep in Macy’s crate with Macy.

Oh, AND she has Mom feeding her with a spoon!


What you see in that picture is dry dog food that was soaked in water and blended in the blender with baby food. Are you kidding me?! I had to watch her eat that gourmet meal AND watch Mom feed it to her spoonful-by-spoonful.

You ask why she is eating from a spoon? Because she’s spoiled rotten, that’s why! Mom claims Macy won’t eat on her own. Macy has Mom wrapped around her paw – not once but twice!


“At least Dad still loves me!”


Can you tell which of Macy’s ears is infected? #droopyear (That’s the hashtag Cupcake’s Mom came up with.)

Her legs look much better today:

She is walking fairly well. She’s bearing most of her weight on her right leg. Sometimes she rabbit hops because both legs hurt.

Macy told me to tell everyone hi and she sends kisses. We’ll check in again soon!


Macy is home!

Hi, friends!

What a day! Poor Macy got a raw deal. Not only did she have her planned TPLO surgery to repair her torn ACL but she also had to have a meniscus repair on her right leg AND she has pyoderma – a bacterial skin infection.

Here’s what I heard Mom saying: dogs (and people) that tear their ACL have a 50% chance of rupturing their other ACL, and they have a 10% chance of tearing the meniscus after an ACL injury. The surgeon herself tore her ACL and shortly after her recovery, she tore her meniscus. Yikes!

Since Macy ended up having surgery on her right leg, the surgeon was able to remove the plate and screws from the last surgery. For her left ACL repair, the surgeon used an antimicrobial plate. The one she used previously on Macy’s right leg was just a standard plate (pics at the end). Her incisions don’t look as good as they did last time. Now she’s going to be a franken-puppy.

Anywho, Macy is on Cephalexin (antibiotic) for the next 21 days to prevent infection at the surgical sites and to clear up the pyoderma. She’s also on gabapentin and tramadol (pain relievers), plus her normal Previcoxx (anti-inflammatory) and joint supplements.

Right now she’s still super out of it. She won’t lay down. She keeps sitting with her legs straight out. She did fall asleep a couple of times but for the most part she’s fighting it. Mom won’t let me be on guard until bed time because the top of Macy’s kennel is off for right now and she doesn’t want me sneaking in there and licking her incisions. I would like to make it public record that I did give Macy to kisses on the nose when she got home. I’m not a monster you know!


Mom propping Macy up

IMG_20170602_180417    IMG_20170602_182640    IMG_20170602_203011

If you don’t want to see graphic images, now’s the time to jump to the comments section or to hit your back button on your browser.


Right leg – meniscus repair and plate removal


Left leg- ACL repair



Old plate that was removed and piece of meniscus that was removed

I’ll be back with more info tomorrow! Thanks for all the POTP you sent ❤