The Hunt is On

Molly has been REALLY busy helping Dad this week. She and Dad are cleaning out junk that’s laying around in the yard and lean-to’s. The junk has become nesting areas to rats that come to our property because of the chicken and pig feed.

Let me tell you something – Molly is FIERCE when she is hunting rats. Remember we told you we had a feeling she was used as a hunting dog? Now, we’re 87 million percent positive. She runs like lightning after ’em, grabs ’em, shakes ’em, and then drops ’em for Dad. My lil jaw hit the ground watching her. Who knew that she could move so fast?!

She has been SO proud of herself. She’s like a different dog the last few days.

Look at her searching the wood pile:




She stood on that wood pile for an hour the other evening! Mom gets scared when she goes up there because it’s 4 feet off the ground. She kept telling Molly she was going to give her a heart attack. A couple times the wood got wiggly and Mom’s heart stopped beating.

I am taking notes. I’m working on my ferocious face to scare the little rats. Dad had one in a live trap and I gave him the what for. I was all “grrrr….rawrrrr” *dig dig* “snort…grrrrawwwrrrrr”. He was scared and rightfully so!



“Look at your cute little face!”

“Look at your cute little face!”

That’s what Mom is ALWAYS saying to us. Followed by: “I just can’t handle it! It’s so stinkin’ cute!”

What do you think?




Hope everyone had a great weekend!



Sleepyheads, dirty butts, traitors, etc.

Good afternoon, Friends!

Mom and I struck a deal. If she doesn’t have time to help me write on my blog, she has to at least keep everyone updated through pictures.

This is my sister, Doofus Macy, being weird as usual.


Me giving Mom side-eye for taking pics of me while I’m sleeping.


A picture of Macy driving Dad’s truck when Mom was a traitor and took Macy shopping instead of me.

A different side-eye pic of me and then a super sleepyhead pic of me.


Macy the dirty butt. Macy had too much fun yesterday morning at 7:30. Mom was very displeased that she had to give her a bath before her eyes opened all the way. That’s what they both get for going shopping without me.


Did I scare ya? No, it’s not a ghost …but close! It’s me – Noodle!

Happy Halloween!

I’m freezing my little tail off here in FL. It was 40 degrees this morning…in FLORIDA!

The greatest part of it being cold is that I get to wear my superhero cape.

I didn’t prepare a super cool Halloween post this year but I thought you might like to take a look back at the time I did a costume contest Happy Halloween! Costume Contest – Time to Vote! Many of our friends who have become angels are pictured in the contest (Whitley, Lexi, Phoebe, Easy, Sammy). Go check em out for a little smile.

Be safe tonight, friends!

We Are Safe!

Hi friends!

All of us, including Snooter Tooter, made it through Hurricane Irma unscathed (physically – mentally is another story)!

Lucky for us, the storm deteriorated quite a bit and changed paths (more east) before it got to us. We didn’t even lose power which is a miracle.

All of us – animals and parents – are recovering from all of the stress. Some of us aren’t even eating yet. Not me…I’m always hungry.

The person who was supposed to house the chickens, pheasants, and bunnies bailed without ever saying a word to Mom or Dad so they had to be put in bunches of kennels and left inside the house. Do you know how disgusting a room full of chickens, pheasants, and bunnies smells? *gag* Mom thought she was going to have to burn that part of the house down.

Snooter was boarded up in his house that Dad built him and he didn’t have a hair out of place when we got home. He did seem to be in a bit of shock though. He’s much better today.

I have a small confession to make. Of all the dogs, I was the worst behaved. I was losing my little mind. The medicine Mom gave me – I think it was called Xanax – supposedly did the opposite of what it was meant to and I was HYPER! So I was freaking out and I couldn’t stay still. I was SUUUUUPER hungry and thirsty, too.

Here’s some video Mom took:

All of the other dogs were nice and quiet though. Molly and Rudee each got something called Trazodone to stay calm and, believe it or not, Macy stayed calm all on her own! Who knew she had it in her?


Rudee, Macy, and Molly behaving

Mom walked us all 87 million times during the hurricane. We actually did our business in the rain – even Molly! Mom was very surprised.

We are so thankful we had a house to come home to. We really expected to lose everything. Thank you for everyone who prayed for our safety!!!!


There’s a Hurricane Coming

Hi, friends!

I know I was doing so good posting everyday again but things got a little crazy here in Florida. You may have heard we have a visitor arriving this weekend. Her name is Irma….Hurricane Irma.

Having lived in southeast FL her whole life, Mom’s used to hurricanes but Irma is not a regular hurricane. She is the biggest one on record. Worse than Hurricane Andrew which Mom remembers from when she was a little girl.

Luckily, as it stands now, we are on the west side of the storm which is better than being in the center or on the east side.


Unfortunately, we live in a manufactured home (i.e., mobile home) and they are not meant to withstand winds over 70 mph. Hurricane Irma is currently 180 mph by the eye of the storm.

Mom and Dad have been very busy packing the essentials so we can evacuate. We’re not going far – just about 20 minutes north to my Grandma’s house (Dad’s mom). She has a regular block/concrete home.

As of right now, all of us animals have a place to go except Snooter Tooter. My other Grandma (Mom’s mom) has been calling rescues and sanctuaries but is having no success. No one has a barn or room for a 130 lb pig 😦  Please pray for him. We know he’s a tough guy and we’re not worried about him drowning but Mom is so worried about him being out in the elements. He has a house he can go into but remember, this is a storm that can take down entire buildings. Mom is absolutely sick over this. She has a rule – no animal left behind. But this time she can’t live by it. There is just no possible way to take him with us.

We are expecting storm-like conditions to begin Saturday night/Sunday morning with the peak of the storm around Sunday evening.

We will be in touch as soon as possible.

You can try to reach us by email at if we don’t come back to the blog right away. Keep in mind we are preparing ourselves mentally for not having a home to come back to.

Finally, please pray super hard for my Grandma (Mom’s mom) who lives in Ft. Lauderdale (see the red dot on the map below).


Her building is very strong but we are still very worried. It’s never easy when your family can’t all be together.

We love you all and will post as soon as we can!


Noodle, Macy, Molly, Rudee, Snooter Tooter, Mom and Dad

(and the 13chickens, 4 pheasants, 4 bunnies, 3 birds, 2 turtles, and fish)

Macy & Rudee Sitting in a Tree



“Macy she caught us on camera!”




“Don’t mind her, Rudee. Gimme kiss!”

Ugh! *GAG* They are SO gross!

Good evening, friends! I just wanted to pop on real quick to let you know I am feeling MUCH better. I didn’t even have to go pee in the middle of the night last night 🙂

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


We Should Have Knocked Harder!


Remember on Sunday I told you, “Everything is great here! *knocks on wood*”???? Well, we should have knocked harder.

Last night, I started peeing drops of blood and even a blood clot came out.

Dad took me to the vet a little bit ago and LUCKILY it’s not bladder stones like Stella Rose just had (Mom was FREAKING out). It’s just a bad bladder infection. They gave me an antibiotic shot, antibiotic pills to take at home, and some other stuff.

Apparently, being on a grain-free diet can cause urinary crystals. I think that’s just ridiculous. Mom has to buy some supplements for me to prevent this from happening again.

Anywho, I need a blog cleansing. You know, something to make the jinx-inator disappear so I can just have good things to report. A little woo-sah and sage smudging perhaps. Do any of you know someone that can do this for me?

Here’s a pic from last night:


I was trying to sit on Mom’s lap and Macy wouldn’t get off of me. She actually crawled into Mom’s arms above me and laid back like a baby. Then she ended up like the picture. Dad said, “She knows you’re sick, Poodle,” and I said, “Well, I didn’t try to smother her when she was recovering from surgery!”

She knows no boundaries….

Starting the Day With a Hunt


“Mom, are you REALLY making me look for a new secretary???”

Hmph. I can’t believe I have to start my morning looking for a new secretary. I wonder if I can convince Dad to do it?


“Do you like these kisses, Dad? If you’re willing to be my new secretary, you’ll get 87 million of these per day!”

Dad: “I already get 87 million kisses per day from you, Noodle!”

Uh-oh….this isn’t looking good.

I’m Still Here!

Hello wonderful friends – it’s me, Noodle!

I haven’t been here in awhile and I know how worried you all get. Everything is great here! *knocks on wood*

Macy got cleared to resume normal activity on August 4th. She is loving every second of her freedom. Me? Not so much. She’s SO annoying and back to being super pushy.  Here are some pics of her left knee:

20604240_10106829732393381_8363736047196543603_n 20596948_10106829734444271_1974780635357948725_n

OMD! She looks fat in her x-ray BOL! She’s not really fat at all but I guess the camera really does add 10 lbs!

Anywho, she and Rudee have been flitting around like lovebirds being all disgusting together. All they do is makeout. *gag*

Molly is doing good too. She’s been working really hard at being brave during thunderstorms. Mom got her a Thundershirt and it has made a HUGE difference. When it’s on, she stops shaking and doesn’t freak out looking for somewhere to hide. She still drools and pants but at least she doesn’t have to get tranquilized every day. We give it 16 paws up and 4 thumbs up!

Oh! I have been using my steps finally! It took a month but I’ve got the hang of them now. I’m still a little suspicious of them but I use them on my own.

I’ve missed chatting with all of you. Mom hasn’t been very good about typing replies to your comments. She said it overwhelms her. I can’t help it if I have such awesome friends that want to talk to me! She told me she works really hard every day and that she is too tired to be my secretary when she gets home. WHAT?! Umm, what am I supposed to do now? I don’t have thumbs! I can’t type!


Looking for a secretary to type blogs and respond to comments for a super cute, spotted boss. Payment will come in the form of 87 million kisses per day.

Maybe Mom will change her mind if she knows my kisses will go to someone else. *paws crossed*


“Did you change your mind yet, Mom?”

Hopefully I’ll be back to blog more soon! If not, look for me on Facebook. You can send me a message through there and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Happy Sunday!