Friends, it has been a ridiculously nerve-racking weekend. There were so many thunders. I spent most of yesterday and today trembling. I was attached to Mom like never before. I’m so exhausted now.

Tomorrow morning Mom is going to call my doctor to see what he recommends. Things that have not helped: Thundershirt, melatonin, calming treats, Bach’s remedy, and Xanax. CBD hasn’t been tried yet.

Mom says we need to find something asap because we live in Florida where it rains every day during the summer.

Mom and Dad did manage to get me outside for a little bit after dinner. I was very leery but managed to look like I was completely cool:

I hope everyone else had a great weekend. I’ll be sleeping if you need me.


About noodle4president

I was a discarded, lost little stray without a house or a family...until my mom found me. Now, I am the happiest, most loved dog in the whole world!

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  1. not even the bach stuff did the trick? I hope your dogtor has a magic potion or a trick for you… specially because mother nature is drunken and makes a weather what not even we can stand …sigh

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  2. Poor Noodle! I hope there is something that can make you less anxious when you have a storm – it’s no fun being scared all the time is it!

    Hugs, Teddy

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  3. We have had every bit of the rain but thankfully, not the thunder and lightning. It’s awful stuffs!

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  4. Xena: Hi Noodle! We think you should get hi on CBD oil and tell us if it’s fun! xox
    Lucy: Hi Noodle! Xena! No!
    Mom #2: Hi Sweetie, please ignore them. If I was there I would hold you and rock you and sing to you when you got scared. Lots of love, dear Noodle.

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  5. speedyrabbit says:

    Hi Noodle and peeps,you should try the CBD oil Speedy is taking it for his Arthritis but it is supposed to be good for Anxiety too,xx Rachel and Speedy

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    • Which brand do you use?


      • speedyrabbit says:

        It’s called Bene Hemp, I got it on amazon. It made and grown in the USA by the manufacturer and is a human grade one, as Speedy’s dad uses it as well. Speedy gets one little drop which I mix with water once a day. It is a 30ml bottle at 4000mg,which is a strong one but the human dose is 1 pipette full which is why speedy only gets a little drop. Just make sure you get one that is made from full spectrum hemp oil with the co2 extraction method as cold pressed doesn’t have the cbd in it. Oh and you can’t over dose it but start off with a low dose and then increase till you get the required effect. Xx Rachel

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      • Thank you for the info, Mrs. Speedy’s Mom! We’re glad it gives Speedy relief. He’s a good guy. *ear licks*


  6. chesterspaniel says:

    Sorry you get so scared by those annoying thunderstorms. Hopefully things will get better.


  7. nordhuesn says:

    OMD – you are soooooo cute!!!! We are sorry the storms make you scared. We had our first one yesterday and Andy did fine – which is unusual. Ruby could care less. Maybe Andy is getting deaf. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes, though as its supposed to storm all week. Take care and try to stay calm.

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    • I hope Andy’s not losing his hearing! I don’t imagine that would stop him from feeling the thunders though. Maybe he got braver? Or maybe he forgot he was supposed to be scared and he’ll remember next time! *ear licks*


  8. Meow meow Noodle Doodle LadyMew iss cryin as shee red mee yore bloggie! Mee feels turribell fore you too!!
    Iss there anything wee can do fore you?? Mee wishes wee lvied close bye so wee cuud vizzit you an Aunty an Unkell…..
    ***purrsss*** an ~~head rubs~~ of comfort, BellaDharma an gentell {{{huggiesss}}} LadyMew

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  9. corkscot says:

    Composure helped the girls. Sid was helped by Xanax. Thundershirt did not help him at all. It has been the scariest several days here in South Florida

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  10. Cupcake says:

    What a bummer, Noodle-buddy. We hope the vet has an idea for you.

    Love and licks,

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  11. NOOOOOODLE!!!!! OMD, dude sorry to hears abouts the storms and the anxiety! oh man, that is not good my furiend. Ma takes CBD for her tendons and arthritis, and she just bought me a bottle of my own to try, butts I haven’t tried it yet. You knows nothin’ helped me with my vet anxiety, wells, the acepromazine works, butts it has lots of possible dangers, and some vets say that it doesn’t really reduce the anxiety, it just makes us sedated. So, Ma is hoping the cbd is gonna work. If you want to try in a treatie, TREATIBLES is supposed to be pretty good (and look for a 10% off code), Ma buys hers at Bluebird Botanicals (you can get 20% off your first order with code: FIRSTORDER). Be aware that with Bluebird, if you use your credit card, they go through a bank in Britain, so your bank might check with you to see if the charge is authentic (that’;s what Ma’s bank did ☺). What ever way you go, do some intermutt searches to check for third party testing of the products (Treatibles and Bluebird passes). Let me know if you try them and if they work for you! paws crossed my pal!
    MAAAAAAACY!!!!! Hey gurl! What up??! How ya doin’??? YOu gets in any troubles lately?? heheheheee
    Ruby ♥

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    • Mom actually heard of Blue Bird Botanicals. It showed up a list of the top 10 CBD oils for dogs. I’m definitely going to ask Mom to get me a CBD oil to try. Thanks for the good info, Ruby! Here’s Macy…

      Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuby!!!!! OMD! I have been getting into SO much trouble lately. I stopped listening, I’m barking a lot, and on night’s when it’s Molly’s turn to sleep in the room with Mom and Dad, I stand at the gate crying. Last night, at 4 am, Dad winged a flip-flop at the gate cause I didn’t listen to him when he told me 3x to go lay down! I cried some more and he winged a second one! How rude! Kisses! Macy


  12. Aww, poor Noodle. CBD sure has helped us out of anxiety filled situations. Sam didn’t use to be bothered by thunderstorms but now they do so I dose him with a few drops and he can rest easily till they pass. Have your mom contact me if she wants more info, we carry all organic and locally sourced CBD. Take good care, my sweet fur-iend.

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  13. Charlee: “Ahh, thunders! Dennis never cared for those. Or for the artillery blasts from the base, for that matter.”
    Chaplin: “He used all those things that you tried, plus loudly played music called Taiko Drums, whatever those are.”
    Charlee: “And CBD oil!”
    Chaplin: “All of them helped to some degree or other but none of them made him completely comfortable. We hope the CBD oil helps relax you!”
    Charlee: “We haven’t had thunder recently, but the base has been booming a lot. Fortunately, those noises don’t seem to bother Lulu.”
    Lulu: “What noises?”
    Charlee: “See?”

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