With all the commotion from dingbat (dumb-dumb) eating the toxic plant, I didn’t get to tell you all how Molly’s check up and my shots went.

(If you just want to know what happened medically and don’t want to see our cute pics, scroll down a bit. Then be ashamed that you don’t love looking at our faces. BOL! JK! Not really…I’m pretty cute.)

First off, Mom had to take us by herself. We got ourselves all tangled in the car and it was lots of fun *insert sarcasm here*. I didn’t hardly cry at all on the way there! Mom told me to tell you that NEVER happens! It’s true.

When we got there, they put us in a room with a door that had a window:

It was so nice being able to see out and not being stuck in a tiny box of a room like all other vets have.


“How long do we have to wait?”

Molly got a little nervous and decided to sit by Mom:img_20160130_093219.jpg

I was having so much fun I could barely sit still:


Dad met up with us about 15 minutes after we got there. Mom was very relieved. So was Molly:


Ok, enough pictures. Here’s the down-low-e-o:


I got all my vaccines at ONCE! Dr. Hamilton held all 3 syringes in one hand and poked my butt only once! It was amazing!

He asked Mom what she does to my teeth because they are “absolutely beautiful and perfect.” Mom was so happy because, although she’s been slacking lately, she was brushing my teeth EVERY SINGLE DAY!

The only negative thing that was said about me was that I am “a little round by the belly”. BOL! I knew that!

And the only terrible thing that happened was that I had to get my nails clipped.


Her mouth is healing “beautifully” as Dr. Hamilton said. He also said her breath smells much better now. BOL!

OMD! You know what didn’t smell good? When they expressed her anal gland and it was so full it leaked ALL over the floor. Dr. Hamilton said that it was abnormally full but luckily it wasn’t infected.

Once he did that, the room cleared out pretty quickly. Molly is S-T-I-N-K-Y! The vet tech even sprayed Molly’s butt with Febreeze. It didn’t help though. We had to drive home with the windows down. Then when we got home, Mom had to wipe Molly’s tush with a baby wipe. Still, no good. Mom had to light smelly goods because the house started to stink.

Mom promises to never let that happen again!

So, as long as no emergencies come up, the next vet visit will be in 27 days when Macy has to go and get her blood work done to re-check her liver numbers.


About noodle4president

I was a discarded, lost little stray without a house or a family...until my mom found me. Now, I am the happiest, most loved dog in the whole world!

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  1. Not counting the smelliness and the rude round belly comment, it sounds like things went well. Whew! You guys were way overdue to have things go right. Yay! Meanwhile, teeth brushing every single day is a way of life around here.

    Love and licks,

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    • The good news is that since Molly was there, I think Dr. Hamilton was distracted and forgot to talk to Mom about a diet. BOL! I always put up a fight about getting my teeth brushed but once Mom is doing it I love it. *ear licks*


  2. Hehe Noodles…that blurry action shot of you and the Febreze comment made Puppydoc LOL! I’m happy to hear that everything is looking (if not smelling) good! 😀 Hugs and licks! ❤

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  3. Frankie and Ernie says:

    OMD THAT was a GOOD trip to the Dogtor… except fur the Nails and the Shot and the Stink and the insult of your tummy. Just sayin…

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  4. cocoabean2225 says:

    Yay for a good vet visit. And how cool you had a room with a window. Daisy got her nails clipped once and you would have thought they were cutting a paw off!! She was a drama queen. I am so happy Molly is healing good.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The techs called me a drama queen! Excuse me but I am a drama KING! Not a queen. I yipped and yelped. That’s why Mom doesn’t like doing my nails because it makes her feel terrible even though she’s not making me bleed or anything. *ear licks* Noodle


  5. We are glad you were pawfect. What’s a little belly jiggle anyway? And Molly got to stink the place up – score!

    Keep Calm & Bark On!

    Murphy & Stanley

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  6. Noodle honey, I’m feeling too bad to say much 😦 I’m glad your trip to the vet went better than mine. Love you, sweetie. ❤

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  7. maggie0019 says:

    rotflmanalglandso! I’m so glad this worked out for you guys. The pics are great too and Molly is obviously a Daddy’s girl. 3 butt sticks at once? unbelievable. I will have to tell this technique to Dr. Craig! 😀 woof!!!

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  8. Daisy C Chan says:

    Dr. Hamilton is talented to be giving you all your shots at once!!!

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  9. charlie says:

    CRIKEY … the Vet sprayed Molly’s butt with Febreeze?????????????? OMD Noodle ….. She must have really smelled BAD!!!!!!!!

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  10. nordhuesn says:

    We can’t stop BOLing! Febreeze butt!!! That’s what Andy needs. We are sooo glad you and Molly are doing better.

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  11. Grandma says:

    Hi Noodle……Your mom told me you were going to the vet but she didn’t tell me about Molly and her stinky butt. I’m glad you kids had a room with a view and I’m also happy that your dad was there with you. What’s wrong with your girlfriend Lexi? I hope she’s going to be ok. Love, hugs and lots of scratches behind your ears…..Grandma ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Grandma! Mom couldn’t even talk about it at first. She had a lump in her throat because it was so bad.

      My sweet Lexi had some “growths” removed from her paw AND she had 5 teeth pulled!!! They shaved her one leg and now she’s starting a fashion trend called, “The Lexi Couture”.

      Grandma, you give the best ear scratches. I love you! *ear licks*


  12. …a little round?… I hope that ends not with a die-t :o) I’m glad MOlly got good news …and I hope the smell will disappear soon, maybe you can use that magic shame-poo what they suggest after a dog met Pepe Le Pew?

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  13. Princess Leah says:

    All good news…well apart frum the stinky butt, hehe and the ’round belly’! Watch that the DIET word isn’t mentioned Noodle, that is nooooooo funs at all I can tell you
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

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  14. My goodness……one thing for sure is there is NEVER a dull moment at your house!!! LOL Hoping Macy’s blood work will be alright next visit………

    Love, Sammy

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    • It’s true, Sammy. The only time anything was dull was after my Mya and Khia were gone. It was insanity before and it’s insanity now. We much prefer the insanity over those horrible 3 dull months. *ear licks*


  15. fredrieka says:

    Do not go near my pooper and I rolled on the floor expecting a belly rub from my DOGTOR it made him laugh

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  16. Three Pups and a Couple of Kitties says:

    Noodle, We’re glad yours and Molly’s dr. appointment went well. I can just picture Molly getting a “spritz” of febreeze, I’m guessing Macy didn’t know what to think about that new smell when you all got home. Bonnie pup said to tell Molly that she understands dr. appointments being better with Dad there. Cuddles and hugs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That was Macy’s first time home alone since Molly moved in. She was so happy we were home. She sniffed every inch of us! We hope Bonnie’s itchies are so itchy anymore. *ear licks*


      • Three Pups and a Couple of Kitties says:

        I bet Macy was very happy when you got back home. The vet said the cortisone shot should kick in within a couple of days so hopefully soon. ~cuddles and hugs

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  17. Mrs P says:

    Wow you all had quite an adventure at the Dog Doctors ..thank goodness you don’t have a smell -a -long blog !!

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  18. Me says:

    HAHAHAHA he sprayed her bum with Febreeze, oh Molly 🙂

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  19. Piglove says:

    Squeals – it sounds like everything went well then – that is so totally awesome… well except for maybe the smell. But hey – Febreze works on everything huh? Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

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  20. We’re glad you all are OK now.

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  21. Oh Noodle, you had me literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD! I’m glad you all are healthy and healing well 🙂

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  22. Deziz World says:

    Glad all went well and yous all home safely now. There’s a purroduct fur Molly’s purrticular issue called Glandex. Weez heard it helps a lot. We don’t have dat purroblem here, but just in case mommy has sum on hand. MOL Have a gweat day.

    Luv ya”

    Dezi and Lexi

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  23. Nylabluesmum says:

    For thee most part yur vet visit went well…
    Glad you had yur injeckshunss Noodle mee Moodle an Molly you were so-o brave an well bee-haved!!! LadyMum told mee how sweet dellykat 7 pound Mingflower had thee stinkiest anal glandss all so. When shee had them xpressed shee used to cleer a room all so 😉
    Gurlss huh Noodle????
    ***paw patsss*** an ^^^ear licksss^^^ Siddhartha Henry Penry xxxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Expressing glands is the one thing mum didn’t get to do in her externship. :-/ I don’t think she wants to for her next one either. If no happen, your sister would do the butt rubs on carpet, better it stay in the vet office. Mom saw me do it once and had the groomer express mine. 😦 -Padfoot

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    • The reason Mom knew it had to be done was because Molly was scooting all over the vinyl flooring. When the sun shined in just right, you could see “skid marks” everywhere (ewwwww!). Sorry you had to go through that, Padfoot! *ear licks* Noodle

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  25. Congrats all around on the good report card for you guys. Keep up the good work, except of course for that anal gland thing. 😉

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  26. KB says:

    Does the “round belly” mean less food? I hope not!

    OMD – we have lived that anal gland nightmare!

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  27. Whee are not fans of the vet. Especially Noah! He’s very naughty and bitey with the people there so vet visits are furry stressful for us!

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  28. hello noodle its dennis the vizsla dog hay hooray for a munth of no v-e-t vizzits!!! we send lots of tail wags to mayk shoor it happens!!! ok bye

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