And it isn’t me!

3 days ago, Dad let us all run around the yard while he was outside. When he realized Macy wasn’t around, he went to go look for her. Where did he find her? Take a look:


She was in Franklin’s pond….having a “soak”.  Oh, hey, who’s that behind her? Miss Molly, overseeing it all.

Anywho, as I’ve told you before, a wet Macy is the stinkiest stink ever…..well, actually, it gets worse….

2 days ago, when Mom came home from work, she walked in and thought, Mmmm…it smells so good in here. She took one more step – 3 inches – and “good” changed to Holy smell of death! What happened in here?!

Well, it turns out that while she was at work and Dad was out of the house, Macy had a bit huge accident in her crate. Even though her crate is big enough for 3 – 4 dogs her size to fit comfortably, she got it all over her. When Dad let her out of the crate she tracked her accident with her everywhere.

Sooooooooo, Dad had to vacuum and mop (the “good” smell was the fabuloso Dad used for mopping), give Macy a bath, and then scrub her crate. Mom walked in just as he was drying Macy up.

Does it stop there? Nope!

Yesterday, Dad let Macy out of his sight and can you guess what she did? Yup! Back in Franklin’s pond. He yelled and she went scrambling. You know where she went? Right into the hole her and Molly dug. He yelled and she ran again….into my man cave! You know, where it’s nothing but loose dirt? Yeah, there! She was BLACK! Dad didn’t get pictures, though. He was too busy muttering under his breath while he hosed her off.

Wet Macy 3 days in a row. *gag*

If anyone needs me, I’ll be in bed hiding under the covers with kibble in my nose for an air freshener.


About noodle4president

I was a discarded, lost little stray without a house or a family...until my mom found me. Now, I am the happiest, most loved dog in the whole world!

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  1. hahaha….I can’t even imagine the hell-o you went through Noodle. What an experience.


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  2. fredrieka says:

    then she was muddy? I hate being wet and especially muddy, I run when dad has the hose he thinks it is funny to chase me with it.

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  3. Cupcake says:

    Aarrgh! That story STINKS! I’m sorry Macy has been such a naughty, stinky girl. I thought the purpose of the crate was so that she would not have accidents in there. Maybe because it’s so big, she feels like it’s OK. Hey! Macy! It’s NOT OK. Keep that kibble in your nose, N, till she gets her act together!

    Love and licks,

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  4. Nylabluesmum says:

    EEEEEEWWWWW Noodle mee Moodle yur reelly havin a tuff time aren’t you??? Macy needs to WEAR an air freshner tied to her tail, mew mew mew….An kibble in yur nose made LadyMum spit out her mac an cheese!!! Good one Noodle!!!!!
    ***paw patsss*** yur BFF Siddhartha Henry Penry xxxx

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  5. Me thinks Macy is jealous of all the attention Molly is getting.
    I love your idea of kibble in the nose–brilliant!
    Us girls do smell good most of the time. I threw up today and even that smelled good. Mom got it cleaned it up before I could get more than one mouthful back into where it belonged. Uh oh, Mom says TMI. Gotta go!

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  6. cocoabean2225 says:

    Oh my goodness. It is funny now, right 🙂 Macy gets into some mischief!! Cocoa sure does know how to get into trouble. Wet dog isn’t the greatest smell, is it.

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  7. seems like macy likes to be a stinky dog. My gang will go in my ducks pools also but only when I fill them with fresh water.

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  8. Murphy & Stanley says:

    Oh no! We hope things are smelling better by now!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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  9. seems efurry day is a WET-nesday with Macy :o) I can imagine the smell… my momma once landed in a duck pond ….what normally deserved the name muck pond :o)

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  10. maggie0019 says:

    sniff, sniff. Oooh pew-wie! lol, coming from a girl who likes to roll in the feral cat poop – ha haha! Woof!

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  11. corkscot says:

    We feel you pain. Rocky came for the weekend and he has already had three accidents in the house. He is setting a bad example for my guys. Rocky is 8.5 years old and should know better.

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  12. Deziz World says:

    OMC Noodle dat Macy duz luv twubble. MOL Hope there’s no wet Macy this weekend.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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