Look at this THING Dad found:



No, it is not a snake. It’s a Giant Swallowtail Caterpillar! It’s supposed to look like a bird poop but Mom and I think it looks like a snake. I made her take video to show you:


I’ll pass on that thing.

In the never-ending saga that is Macy, Mom and Dad decided that maybe a soccer ball would keep her entertained. Dad picked 3 up at the flea market for her. Since you’re all such big Macy fans, here’s a bunch of photos of her playing. *insert eyeball roll here*






Air Macy

Air Macy

Air Macy v2

Air Macy v2


And my personal favorites:

Aghhh! It's aiming right towards my head!

What do I do? What do I do?


Aghhhh! It’s coming right at me!

Oh man, what a doof!

When we went inside, we got chewies and I brought mine into the room where Macy was eating hers.


Mom was stunned. Even Jamison came to check things out. Why? Because they know I don’t like anyone/anything near me when I’m eating. Guess what – they wereΒ right. It was a set up. I nearly took Macy’s head off when she got done and I was still eating mine. Then I got put in my crate because Mom couldn’t stop me from going after Macy. She told me I’m an agitator.

Maybe…I’ll never admit it though!

About noodle4president

I was a discarded, lost little stray without a house or a family...until my mom found me. Now, I am the happiest, most loved dog in the whole world!

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  1. She’s getting so big!!

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  2. Me says:

    Awwww Noodle, you gotta admit she’s just a little adorable πŸ˜‰

    Hey I’m impressed you were happy to relax with your chew with Macy that close. We finally had Kasper play with an empty Buster Cube with / around Zoey the other day, without guarding it…almost three years in the making XD

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  3. YUCK on that caterpillar……I’d pass on it too – I like to munch on SOME bugs but that thing looks – well – GROSS! Looks like Macy likes playing with the balls……..and good for you eating with her so close but I guess there’s only so much CLOSENESS you an stand with her right? HAHAHA

    Hugs, Sammy

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    • Caterpillars = gross, butterflies = fun to stomp (although Mom told me that’s bad).

      Yeah, we got into it pretty good. I even growl at the cat, Mom, AND, Dad if they walk by me while I’m eating. I didn’t used to do that but one day, I decided I didn’t like anyone near me.

      *ear licks* Noodle

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  4. Mrs P says:

    Hey Dude,
    I see she dog is taking up exclusive photo time – how she doing this week? still improving?? I see you pretending to be all cool eating in the same room – and I can see why you kinda took offence at her when she mithered you while you were still eating, you an agitator ?? I don’t believe it !!
    More importantly though what is that caterpillar thing ??? gross !! and why would your dad be looking / touching stuff like that !! humans are strange
    Take care buddy (demand equal photo time in your next post)
    Love Big Oscar x

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    • Right?!?! What happened to it being MY blog??? Am I not photo-worthy?! She hasn’t been doing as good the past 2 days but Mom blames herself. Since Mom’s shoulder/arm have really been bothering her, Macy’s training was put on hold. Bad idea.

      Yeah, only my dad would randomly poke a potential bird poop/snake. Humans…

      *ear licks* Noodle

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      • Mrs P says:

        Tell your Mom setbacks can / will happen, but if it’s any consolation as I’m getting a little older I have begun to outgrow some of my ‘issues’ and Mrs P is getting better at spotting the triggers so can avert them – so as loads of other bloggers have said I guess growing up does indeed make a difference πŸ™‚

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      • *sigh* Thank you for giving us hope, Oscar (and Mrs. P)! *ear licks* Noodle

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  5. A tired dog is a happy dog.


  6. Princess Leah says:

    A GIANT Swallowtail Cattie Pillar, of wow Noodles, I is soooo green wiv jellyness!!!!
    I finks you did a great job of wearing Macy out….how long did it last?
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


  7. Noodle dearest, I have several thoughts on your post, so I am going to show off, uh I mean use, my counting skills:
    1. Your dad is one crazy dude! Even The Boy won’t touch that kind of grossness. My stomach almost turned looking at the video and that would have been super bad if I had hurled my dinner.
    2. Why would your Mom think you were an alligator? Did your nose grow? Have you become that vicious?
    3.I know the real reason you took your treat in the room with Macy. It’s the same reason I would. You were watching for your chance to snatch it from her, right?

    Glad to see your inner schnauzer coming out. πŸ™‚ Love ya! ❀

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  8. Cupcake says:

    What?? You are NOT an agitator! You gave Macy a test and she failed it. That’s all. You are nuthin’ but a good egg, N.

    Love and licks,

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  9. Nylabluesmum says:

    An Agitatur??? Iss that sum sort of weerd potato Noodle mee Moodle????
    mee finks Air Macy iss a bit wired….ok ALOT wired>>>sorta like mee…find thee calmin bones QUIK!!!! πŸ˜‰
    **nose bumpsss** an **ear licksss** Siddhartha Henry aka Middhartha Penry xXxXx

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  10. That caterpillar is one ugly sucker…yuck. Glad he’s not here.


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  11. I has to say, dem cattypillars look a lot better as butterflies, BOL!

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  12. You’ve got some SKILLS Macy!!! That caterpillar is totally GROSS!!
    Wally & Sammy

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  13. she is a fabulous soccer player wow!!! Guess what? I play that chewing bone game too… I sit close to my friends who eat their bone and watch mine…. and as soon as they finished their bones I start to eat my bone, butt I celebrate that event like a king… and as soon as they try to come near my bone … nuclear meltdown :o)

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  14. Wow, that Swallowtail is quite a beast before it’s reborn, isn’t it, Noodle? From such a gross disgusting thing to such a stunning butterfly–another of Nature’s fantastic miracles. Kind of like Macy. I’m sure the pecking order will be all sorted out (we had the same thing at our house when there was more than one dog), but Macy seems sweet enough to give you your space when you realizes you need it. She’s pretty darn cute and talented as a soccer player. ❀

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    • I promise you she’s not sweet enough to give me my space. Any time I try to tell her I need my space, she jumps on me, gets right in my face, and makes her dying walrus sounds. As for the caterpillar – it IS amazing that it goes from being so yucky to something so beautiful and majestic. *ear licks* Noodle

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  15. Bell Fur Zoo says:

    OMD that does look like a snake and super creepy! Good thing it turns into something beautiful πŸ™‚

    Macy sure does get lots of air during her toy time!

    Matt has the yelling problem when he has a bone too. They just don’t understand we need our personal space πŸ˜‰

    xoxo, Ginger, Matt & Matilda

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  16. What a cool caterpillar!! And playing ball looked like tons of fun! Maybe next time you’ll play with Macy too? πŸ™‚
    *wags and kisses!!!*

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  17. OMD, that is one freaky deaky caterpillar!! Are you sure it’s not an alien??! BOL
    Wowsa, Macy reminds me of when I was a wee lass! Phew! Ma is glads I’m finally starting to calm….maybe..hehehe
    I really don’t blame you for protecting your chewie! If I had a sibling I probably would do the same thingie! Good thing I’m an only furkid! ☺
    Ruby β™₯

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  18. cafewand says:

    Reminds me of Padfoot and Kylo. Padfoot is older, he deserves it! Lol Kylo argues differently.

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