My secretary (aka Mom) has finally decided to stop being lazy. I have been waiting since Wednesday to tell you things! Make sure you read EVERYTHING!

On Wednesday, Mom went to a shelter during her lunch break because she saw a dog on that she fell in love with.



“Pepper”, a young dapple dachshund mix, was found as a stray near where my Grandpa lives. Mom knew she had to go home and talk Dad about it before doing anything. Well, she sent him pictures and when he finally saw them in the afternoon, he said to go get her! The shelter was closing soon and Mom wanted to discuss some things with Dad before getting her. So, she decided she would go finalize the adoption during lunch tomorrow and pick her up after work. Only one problem: Mom called back to discuss the plan with the shelter (it was fine) and decided to double-check on the adoption fee…$250!!! Turns out, it’s a no-kill shelter. As much as Mom liked Pepper, $250 was not going to work. The kill shelters ask $70 for puppies and $50 for adults and $20 for seniors and heartworm positive dogs. Mom wanted to have extra money left in the budget to get the dog to it’s first vet visit, buy it a collar/harness/leash, and all the other necessities. Because “Pepper” was at a no-kill shelter, Mom and Dad decided that she would be okay and get adopted quick. They were right. She was gone in 2 days!

After realizing that most of the shelters Mom had been browsing through and were no-kill shelters, the search changed drastically. It was narrowed down to the 2 closest kill shelters.

On Friday, Mom and Dad were off to the first one. They arrived 30 minutes after it opened and were greeted by a woman I will call Mega B (I’m not allowed to say certain words but you’ll figure this name out for yourself soon). Mega B directed Mom and Dad back to the kennels. Mom and Dad spotted a dog they wanted to take out to play with and went back up front to let Mega B know. Mega informed Mom that before she could even take a dog out to play, her application would have to be approved. Mom said that would be no problem and proceeded to fill out the paperwork. The paperwork asked to list all animals inside the home were the dog would be living. Mom, not one to lie, listed me and Jamison. It also asked the name and number of our vet. Mom provided that too. Mega B called the vet to verify that we were up-to-date on our rabies vaccines and Jamison is past due! Mega B told Mom that she couldn’t approve the application and Mom couldn’t play with the dog until Jamison was vaccinated. Mom explained to Mega B that she and Dad don’t live right around the corner, would it be possible to see if the dog was even a match for them before running around like a crazy lady to go get Jamison vaccinated. Mega B’s answer:”NO!”

So Mom and Dad left. Mom was on the verge of crying and Dad was furious. Mom immediately called the vet and got Jamison scheduled for an hour from then. They got home, Mom caught Jamison, and she and the evil-one were off.


                                                                 “Haha! You got caught!”

A funny thing happened at the vet’s office. When they came out to get Jamison, Mom noticed a really bright sticker on his paperwork:


SEE!!! I told you all I wasn’t lying!!! He’s crazy! Mom told me that the vet tech said it’s just a precaution but I say, “LIAR! YOU KNOW HE’S EVIL!”

Anywho, 2 hours later, Mom and Dad are back at the shelter with Jamison’s vaccination paperwork in hand. Mega B appears to be at lunch and another NICE woman helps Mom and Dad. They explain that they were just there 2 hours ago and filled out an application. She looks in the application folder…nothing. She looks on Mega B’s desk…nothing! She looks in the to-be-shredded pile….nothing! She looks in Mega B’s trash can..BINGO! That mean, rotten, awful woman threw my Mom and Dad’s application away!!! Now Dad AND Mom are furious but they both bite their tongues. 5 minutes later, their application is approved.

Another woman comes out to the kennels to bring out the dog that Mom and Dad wanted to see: a stray that was brought in the day before.


The shelter is calling her “Dolly” (*shakes head*).  Dolly has ice blue eyes, is almost completely white but has a brindle patch going up her right leg that wraps around her tail. She’s 35 lbs and under a year old. Mom said she had 1 baby canine tooth left in front of her bottom adult tooth. The shelter things she is American Bull Terrier mixed with Staffordshire Terrier. Mom and Dad said she is sweet as can be!

They went to this shelter intending to visit with a dog called “Shy-ann” who has been there since May 6th! So they decided to put “Dolly” back and visit with “Shy-ann”.



Although “Shy-ann” was friendly, she was just way bigger than her pictures let on. She also had a VERY thick, dense coat. They think she’s mixed with a flat-coat retriever but Mom thinks she has Chesapeake in her.

There was one more dog Dad wanted to check out.


This little girl was a stray that was brought in the same day as “Dolly”. She was extremely emaciated and Mom says she stunk to the high heavens! She is estimated to be about 4 months old and only 15 lbs. Dad fell absolutely in love and Mom was adamant about not getting her. This shelter doesn’t really treat sick dogs and this puppy has tarry, loose, black poo. As much as Mom wants to save her and get her medical attention, it’s not financially reasonable right now to start out with a sick pup. Mom also knows that this girl will get scooped up fast. Mom also really doesn’t want to deal with housebreaking and chewing and all that stuff. Although “Dolly” is young, she seemed MUCH more mature that this little girl.

In the end, Mom and Dad put a deposit on “Dolly” (this will NOT be her name!).

How the shelter works is that the owner has 5 days to claim their dog before they become property of animal control. So, “Dolly” and the puppy become property of animal control on Wednesday 7/29. If their owner doesn’t come forward they will then be spayed and get their vaccines. At this point, it is unknown if either of them have heartworm or any other serious issues because they don’t do ANY testing or vetting until spay day. So long as “Dolly” doesn’t have heartworm, she’s going to be my sister!

As for “Shy-ann” and the other residents of animal control, they are all given a “score” from 0-6: 0=least adoptable and 6=most adoptable (“Shy-ann” is a 5!). When they run out of space, that’s when the euthanizing begins and they start with the zeroes, not with the dogs that are there the longest. 48 hours before the euthanizing occurs, animal control puts out an alert on Facebook as to which dogs are at risk. Mom and Dad have already decided that if “Shy-ann” should show up, they will go back for her then!

In the meantime, we’re preparing for “Dolly” whose name will immediately be changed to……PEBBLES! That is, of course, if the name fits once we really get to know her 🙂

If you have suggestions for names, please share them! We would love another food-based name like Noodle but we’re game for anything that’s not a common name. Dad’s stuck on Pebbles, which Mom likes too, but we’d still love your ideas!

Oh, my secretary wants to add something:

Noodle’s mom here!

Going to the shelters has been so extremely difficult and heartbreaking. Both Greg (Noodle’s Dad) and I leave them feeling horribly guilty – guilty for the ones we walk past and guilty for the ones we play with and don’t adopt. It has always been a dream of mine to rescue an animal that no one else wanted in its 11th hour, or one that needed medical attention that it wasn’t getting. Unfortunately, I don’t have that ability at this time and it absolutely kills me. Although none of you have ever judged us and our decisions (at least not publicly), I wanted to be sure you understand where we’re at. I know we’re being picky but that’s because we need to be sure that the dog we choose will NEVER EVER have to go back to a shelter. We’re not picking a pet or a possession, we’re adopting a child. We are most concerned with Noodle’s well-being. I’m conflicted about whether he’s happy about being an only-dog or if he loves all the attention. It’s just a lot and these decisions aren’t being taken lightly. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not buy or breed your dogs. Adopt! There are SO many beautiful dogs just waiting for someone to love them.

Happy Sunday!!!

About noodle4president

I was a discarded, lost little stray without a house or a family...until my mom found me. Now, I am the happiest, most loved dog in the whole world!

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  1. nordhuesn says:

    Good luck with all of this. We hope things turn out well for all!!!!!! Arooooooo

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  2. Noodle! I told Mom to hit the Love button, but she said that Like was as high as we could go. We LOVE your story and all that has been happening – except of course for the evil Ms. B. I bet she’s really the one who kills the dogs and when your folks walked in she saw a chance escaping her!! I think you will really like having a new sister. You are so loving and friendly and good. Myself, I love being an only dog and can’t wait for Riley to finally move out. He was only supposed to be here long enough for Mom to find his owner – or anyone else who wanted him – but it has been over four years.

    I think you have an amazing Mom and Dad. We understand they will always take the best of care of their fur babies, and know their own limits. That’s a good thing. So if we can judge, we give them Best of Show! Lots of love and wiggles. ❤

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    • OMD! I bet you’re right about that mean lady! Mom and dad were most frustrated because it IS a kill shelter and they make you jump through all sorts of hoops to even see the dogs. Ummm, sweetums, I have something to tell you. I think Riley is there to stay….for good. Also, Mom treated up when you have them Best of Show. *ear licks*

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      • No, peeps brother might be moving out soon and if he does he is taking Riley. 🙂 So Riley will still be my brother, but I only have to see him if he comes to visit.
        Not trying to be mean, but I have never seen such big ears on a dog before, at least not that stood up. She’s like the canine version of the flying nun. Oh, you could call her Fly Girl!

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      • Ohhhh! I think you will miss him. Like, I’d probably miss Jamison if he moved out. Please don’t tell anyone I said that. Her ears ARE gi-hugic!


  3. colinandray says:

    Hi Noodle Buddy! It looks like you have a new friend coming to stay, but as for that name? My Dad thinks that as she is probably used to the “dolly” sound, a name similar might be easier for her to respond to such as Holly or Polly. Woof! Ray.

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  4. Three Pups and a Couple of Kitties says:

    What a busy, exciting and emotional week you all had Noodle. Tell Mom and Dad they are doing a wonderful job making sure your new family member is the best fit possible for your family. I will continue to pray as the process moves forward. Keep us posted. Love and cuddles for you and hugs for mom and dad.

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  5. maggie0019 says:

    (barks loudly, runs in a circle) get Dolly! Get Dolly! and report Mega B!!! (I was in the shelter 6 mos. and already knew my name, so Mom and Dad kept it). Woof!!!! You could call her Sugar, she’s white as granulated sugar and just as sweet!!!

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  6. Fozziemum says:

    Noodle sweetie we are last…a much needed i think Mum and Dad are doing the right is hard i was a shelter vol..a no kill shelter..and too many times well meaning peeps would adopt and then something would go wrong..a health issue etc and they had to return the taking time and thinking hard being sensible is the kindest thing you can do for the for Mega B..they are everywhere..heartless souls employed because they are not fussed at the death…nice isn’t it….goodluck sweetie and we will be excited to see how things progress 🙂 much loves Fozziemum xxxxx

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  7. OMD! Exciting times Noodle! We love Dolly / Pebble’s ears. Tell your mom not to worry, we think she is pawsome. Our mom battles to even read about the poor pups in shelters, she just can’t handle it. We’re crossing our paws for Dolly / Pebble.
    Wally & Sammy

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  8. Cupcake says:

    Oh, N. This was such an exciting story, and I think it will have a super happy ending. Of course, my name suggestion is CUPCAKE, since I think all dogs should be named Cupcake because of their sweetness. Whatever your new sibling(s) are called they’ll be well loved. Best of luck to your family.

    Love and licks,

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  9. Loved reading this story and our paws are crossed that Dolly/Pebbles will be yours ASAP. She is adorable…..white with blue eyes and she looks like she’ll be a real “love bug” ! Noodle I think you will just love having a new sister…….you will always be “top dog” in your home of course but it’s nice to have someone to SHARE with!

    Love, Sammy

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    • She is kinda cute and those ears are just begging to be licked! Mom already promised that she will hide my most favorite toys until we know if Pebbles is destructive. Whew! *ear licks* Noodle


  10. fredrieka says:

    good luck, after losing my two senior pawsisters recently momwithoutpaws is not ready to adopt again, but I know she will.. good luck

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    • It’s taken 3 months to get to this point after losing Mya and Khia. Mom and Dad still don’t feel ready but they also don’t think they will ever really be ready. They’re worried that the longer I’m an only dog the less sociable and accepting I will be later. I hope you and your Mom will be ready soon! *Ear licks* ❤ Noodle

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  11. Oh that ears of Dolly… what a doll she is :o) I cross my paws as hard as I can for all pups who need a new home… I agree with you it’s heartbreaking… and it hurts that we can’t help all that pups…
    I like the idea to look for a food related name… maybe you can find a new name here?
    btw: don’t be angry Jamison that you have that sticker on your paperwork, I have a “3” on mine… that means the vet needs two co-torturers to “treat” me…. crazy huh?

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  12. raisingdaisy says:

    We felt the same way when we went to the shelters to find our first pup. I felt horribly guilty for leaving behind any that I took out but didn’t take home. We were lucky to find our perfect girl our first day out, and she was a beautiful gem all her life. The vet determined she was a shepherd-collie-husky mix. 🙂 I think you’re doing exactly the right thing in trying to find just the right sibling for Noodle. Too many people just take the first cutie (aren’t they all??) they see without making sure the pup is the right match for their family, and then the poor thing gets returned after having experienced a nice home for a few weeks. The only “judgment” I’d pass on you all is that you’re very loving, compassionate people doing the best for your babies and if there were more like you, there’d be no kill shelters at all.

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  13. We’re keeping our fingers & paws crossed for you!!! Having been an officer and on the board of a Humane Society, I think what you are doing is very admirable. I wish more people would think about it that way. Yes, you want to save the most at risk dogs, but it really won’t do anyone any good if you bring a dog home that isn’t a good fit for your family. I know how absolutely heartbreaking it is to see all of those animals and to have to leave them behind. But I learned to focus on the good that is being done for the animals that are adopted. It’s still really sad, but that is the best way to deal with it. You are doing such wonderful things! Love and puppy power to you all!!

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    • Thank you so much for writing this to us. It really does help ease the guilt. I don’t know how you were able to do those jobs. I wanted to be an officer. Have you ever seen the show Dexter? If you have, I thought I would be like that with animal abusers. Not pretty! Anywho, thanks again for your constant support! <3, Noodle's Mom Samantha

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      • You are so very welcome, Miss Samantha! It was incredibly hard to adopt a “you can’t save them all” attitude – and that really wasn’t how we wanted to view it – but that was the only way we could stay sane and do our jobs. I try very hard not to judge others – but when it comes to animal abuse and/or neglect… I have no tolerance. So, I am right there with you! I am excited and hopeful for you. Just remember to try to keep an open heart and open mind. Love and puppy power to you!

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  14. micaelabeth says:

    Noodle I am so happy your parents are adopting! I think Pebbles is a great name! Tucker’s name was Rigged Outside before we adopted him. I think Tucker appreciates his new name. 🙂 We are super excited for your new addition to the family!

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  15. Will and Eko says:

    Such an emotional rollercoaster, but well worth the effort to find the right pup. Can’t wait to hear more about the latest addition!

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  16. gahlearner says:

    I’m so with you with the feeling guilty… I still look at the site of the shelter where we got Maia, and some of the dogs we played with are still there…BUT it would be irresponsible to get one of them, because we couldn’t handle it timewise. And you are being responsible because you know what you can handle: money is important, medical care and peace of mind is important. Pebbles looks like a lovely dog, and the name sounds great. And Maia tells me that Noodle looks like he’d love to have another dog around. Best of luck (I hate it that you have kill shelters. Ours are all non-kill, but the dogs do cost around 250€, too. They are seen by a vet, fixed, chipped, vaccinated and all that though.)

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  17. cafewand says:

    Leche! She’s the color of milk. Or Dulce which means Caramel!
    Merang(might have spelt it wrong)
    Oh gosh We are so happy for you guys!- Padfoot and Cloud

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  18. corkscot says:

    I volunteered at the local animal shelter for over 5 years. Each time I cam home, I felt totally miserable. I could not stand to see the dogs in the cages, the callous people that dumped off their dogs for stupid reasons, and the horrible treatment of the dogs. Nothing preventative was done until the 5 days were up. At times this meant killing all of the dogs in a section because there was a dog that came in with parvo or another disease that infected everyone in the kennel. I have been volunteering in the library since I left the shelter. nobody comes in to complain about the books. I am in a better frame of mind at the end of the day. Good luck with your choice. Noodles deserves a friend.


  19. Genis LeyNel says:

    I hope you get on well with your new playmate Noodle. I’m not sure that I want a sibling – Mom says I’m a very selfish little dog, but I like being an only child! That’s not counting Our Cat, of course, but she sleeps around the clock, the way cats do, so she does not bother me much.

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  20. Deziz World says:

    We hope fings work out and you and Jamison like da new doggy. Weez sure hope da new doggy likes kitties.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


  21. Nylabluesmum says:

    Mee-you yur pawentss sure have been busy Noodle!!! LadyMum wanss to mee-yow with Lady Samanatha so mee let her have thee keyboard….go ahead LadyMum!
    Hello Samantha & congratulations on fighting for the right to adopt a dog! Mega B needs a swift kick in the backside! She should be reported to somewhere…..this behavior was unacceptable.
    I am relieved there was a 2nd nice woman there to assist you & Greg.
    So you are looking for a name for your new girl.
    As Greg is ‘stuck’ on Pebbles but you are open to ideas…here is mine…
    How about “Peppa” as in the group “Salt & Peppa”?????
    The name still starts with a “P” & it is cute as she is a white dog…..
    Also there IS such a spice as White Pepper/Peppa…..
    So I am throwing my idea out there….
    Or you could call her Mayo, lol….sorry that WAS silly 😉
    Noodle & Peppa….sounds good to me!
    (((HUGS))) Sherri-Ellen

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  22. I’m a firm believer that things work out the way they are supposed to. Sam and I keep our paws and fingers crossed everything sorts itself out. Maybe a new sibling will make the evil one behave itself a little bit. 😉 Best of luck. ❤

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  23. Yay! You saved another. Congratulations on your new family member.

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  24. I thought Pebbles was food-like: Fruity Pebbles! One of my fave cereals!

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  25. Nylabluesmum says:

    Mee-you Noodle now mee iss confused (an you should see LadyMum, mew mew mew…)
    What ISS thee new doggie’ss name??? Wee LUV her all ready!
    Pleeze name her Peppa!!! Oh did mee say that out loud???? 😉
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry yur bossy BFF xxx

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  26. Nylabluesmum says:

    Mew mew mew an LadyMum said LOL!!!
    Yur new gurl must bee confused also.
    Namin can bee difficult….when LadyMum ferst met mee my name was TIGSS (me did NOT answer to it!) Over thee weekend mee climmed up thee X-pen 87 times o get lose to her an shee keeped callin mee “Dharth Vader”…… then it hit her Sunday nite Dharth is short fur ‘Siddhartha’ her favorite East Indian name an thee name of thee Buudha when hee was a man. Furinallee it hit her mee iss Purrince Siddhartha an then henry came along to honor Mistur Jon’s Henry Two Sockss who iss inn Pure Land! Whew what a way to get a name!!!!!
    So did Lady Samantha an Mistur Greg figure out a name fur ‘Peppa’??? Mew mew mew…
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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  27. Nylabluesmum says:

    LadyMum told mee when sheewas notty shee got that also: Sherri-Ellen BETH!!! Shee said shee NEW shee was inn BIG trubble then!!!
    Mee gets Dharth Vader or See-Dartha Henry ‘Crazypantss’…
    Then mee knowss mee iss inn trubble…..mew mew mew…..
    **nose bumpss** Noodle frum mee Siddhartha Henry xXxXx

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  28. Uschi says:

    Sawyer’s Mom here – I so understand where you’re coming from! I’m still debating to get a second dog, but I’m not sure how Sawyer will handle it. We’ve had fosters at our house and I always have my friend’s dogs here when they go away, but it seems like he is always happy when they leave :). It’s a big decision, and you’re right, you need to do what’s best for Noodle. Hope all is going well!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Uschi! Slowly, it appears Noodle is warming up to Macy. I repeat, SLOWLY! Once they are okay together, I know I will be 100% sure of my decision. Sawyer is very different than Noodle. He constantly has interactions with other dogs. Noodle is not sociable like that so play-dates were not an option. In my opinion, I think if you’d be getting another dog for him, it wouldn’t be necessary BUT if you’d be doing it for you, that’s a different story! Macy was for Noodle. He was used to having Khia around and you could tell he was bored. Good luck with your decision!!! – Noodle’s Mom Samantha


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