They ruin EVERYTHING! They make too many sudden sounds for this pup. Don’t they know how sensitive my tiny little ears are? Don’t they know how scary the loud noises are? They were here all day again. Get this…they’re still not finished! I have to deal with this again tomorrow. I heard my dad telling my mom that he was going to have a discussion with them tomorrow about this getting done before the end of eternity, or else! He doesn’t want me to be scared. He’s a good dad.

Now, I have to tell you about Jamison (the really scary cat I live with).


Warning! This cat will terrorize your life!

Yesterday, Mom put up the Christmas tree. Well, every year before, Mom and Dad only had a 4′ tree that was up on a table that Jamison didn’t really pay attention to. This year, we have a gi-hugic 7’5″ tree. Jamison has declared this tree his hunting blind. That sneaky bully hides under it until I go walking by and he jumps out and pounces on me. He even bites my leg! He is so incredibly rude and mean. Here I am, tucking my tail between my legs and running for my life while he chuckles to himself. Well, I got the last laugh today! When Mom and Dad woke up this morning, there were ornaments all over the room where the tree is. Lucky for Jamison, Mom bought these special ornaments that don’t break because she would’ve been so mad! Instead of being mad, she just calmly put all the ornaments back. Like the butt head he is, Jamison came strutting in as soon as she turned her back. She was barely out of the room before an ornament hit the floor. Then came the best part: Mom sprayed him with water. He ran like he got shot. I laughed so hard. I was still laughing when he came back and did it again! Mom was ready and sprayed him again. He didn’t get away as fast as before and Mom sprayed him a second time. I think he flew after that. I don’t remember seeing his feet touch the ground. You would think the story would end here but nope! He came back a few minutes later. This time Mom chased him all through the house with the spray bottle. I almost peed myself! Khia and I both got laughing cramps in our tummies. I guess he finally got the picture because he hasn’t gone back in there all day. Man…I really wish I had that on video. *snicker*

Tomorrow is Monday which means Mom goes back to work. BOOOOO! I had such a great weekend with her, Dad, and Khia. She was home for 5 whole days! *sigh* At least I have my Khia. Good night, everyone!


About noodle4president

I was a discarded, lost little stray without a house or a family...until my mom found me. Now, I am the happiest, most loved dog in the whole world!

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